[Gollum] Busy and crowded 290: Would you like to lie down? Would you like to get up? OK? Let's eat-Youngmi Lee

Hold my hand/I won't fall/ Don't worry/ Trust me/

I'm holding it/ Leaning on me/

What do you need?/ Where do you want to go?/ Would you like to lie down? Would you like to get up? /



okay? / Let's eat and eat

Thank you words that you hear all day-

『Would you like to lie down? Would you like to get up? OK? Let's eat.” The

book introduced in today's crowded crowd is “Would you like to lie down? Would you like to get up? OK? Let’s eat (by Youngmi Lee, published by Jeonghan Bookstore)”. The title of the book is a verse taken from here. Lee Young-mi, who has been struggling with Lou Gehrig's disease for 5 years, is'Thank you for hearing all day long'. Young-mi Lee, who worked as a book designer as well as an editorial designer of 〈Water with a Deep Spring〉, and worked as the secretary general of ‘Yeol’, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease in February 2016. Lee Young-mi's condition quickly deteriorated because there was no cure or a delay agent, but she could not use it because it was inappropriate. My body was trapped in a bottle and hardened, but I wrote on Facebook and notepad with a clear mind. That article has been gathered to become this book. I've compiled the articles I wrote until August 2018, when I was able to write on my own.

At first, my hand trembled and fell frequently, it became difficult to walk, my left hand did not move, I could not sit in a wheelchair, so I lie on the bed, put on a ventilator, and blink my eyes to communicate. At that time when I was tied to this body, I wrote an article of pain and prayer.

20171026 in




nice and comfortable

that there's

nothing to hide, to be ashamed or to show off



's nothing to hide me in this low place

where all

those beings who were

intricately calculated and



me have



You will see everything anyway.


I just say that it

exists as it is and

that it is okay to open me up and read.

It was

so hard to

put down one by one

, and then


come down and sit down, so

there is nothing to throw away, so I am comfortable.

-"Would you like to lie down?" Would you like to get up? OK? Let's Eat” 中

This book also contains the writings of the author's acquaintances. Seo Hwa-suk, a high school friend, said,'I liked the book, so if I asked for a book, I introduced other people without fail. So Young-mi releases her book to the world now, when her whole body is trapped in Lou Gehrig's disease. Then I expressed my friend like this. 'No matter how painful it is, as long as you do not lose your dignity, humans are here.'

Park Seong-ja, the elder sister of Park Seung-il, who is struggling with Lou Gehrig's disease, wrote: 'I thought I knew a lot about ALS patients because of my experience living as a family of ALS patients for 20 years. However, the more I turned each page of this article and each bookshelf, the more I was asked what reason I thought I knew a person with Lou Gehrig's disease. It was time to realize again that the life of a patient with Lou Gehrig's disease is that we can only guess from the guesswork or experience, and that even a close family member can never know.'

The first time you hold this book in your hand, you will be surprised. It seems that there must be more expressions different from the word'book' to call the cover and binding'just a book'. It's a real thing that couldn't be imagined by looking at the photos of the online bookstore that only comes out of the front cover. The feeling of turning over the bookshelf, the texture of the paper, and the shape of the letters are all amazed by the overall appearance, and as you read the book, your mind is greatly swayed by the contents.


I can't turn over the bookshelf with


hand, so I

can't read any more. The

times when something was possible are folded up one by one, disappearing one by one, and

the time of idleness gradually unfolds.

Someday, we will face a wall without communication.

… (Simple)...

-"Would you like to lie down?" Would you like to get up? OK? Let's eat” 中

Many of the things that I could no longer do included flipping through the shelves and reading. As a book designer, he called'books that open and pass well,' and books that were designed in consideration for people with disabilities to read comfortably. So this book is light and wide open. The last chapter of this book is written in small print.

'The front cover of the book is vermillion, the back cover is olive, and the opposite color is used. In one color, the body was tied, but it was not enough to reveal Lee Young-mi of the forged spirit. I used the winter Gungnamji photo taken by Lee Young-mi as the basis for Tjiji. It seems that the moisture-dried lotus leaf is clogged like a hole, and it seems to show the'memory of breath and muscle' of the past five years he has been through. As for the binding, we chose a private book binding method in which the book is fully opened. It engraved Lee Young-mi's slogan that'a book that is not well-opened and is easy to work (even people with discomfort) can't be called a good design'.'

It feels like how much affection the person who made this book collected and made the book is conveyed to readers through paper and letters.

I've read quite a few of them today, but in this book there are many articles about life, life, day by day, breath in and out, and loved ones. Yesterday was Mother's Day. I think you've thought about your family a lot last week. I hope you can feel the warmth of this book that cannot be conveyed by any explanation, as you read it with your hands and eyes.

*I received permission to read from the publisher.

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