On May 9, Europe Day, Europeans wonder about their future

European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

(Photo dated May 24, 2019).


By: Daniel Desesquelle

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May 9 is traditionally the feast day of Europe, where we celebrate the Schuman declaration of May 9, 1950, which marks the start of European construction.

But, this May 9, 2021 is more ambitious ... Europe is today embarking on direct democracy with the official and solemn establishment of the "Conference on the future of Europe", an ambitious project since 'it is neither more nor less to reconnect disillusioned citizens to the European project.


The bet, imagined by Emmanuel Macron, of a regeneration of Europe through consultation with Europeans, is far from won.

Symbolically, the launch takes place in Strasbourg at the European Parliament.

Concretely, citizens will be able to express themselves through meetings, but also through a 

pan-European digital platform

 which will instantly translate each other's contributions into the 24 languages ​​spoken in the Union.

What Europe tomorrow?

What Europe do we want for our children? 

The debate has been launched and the answers and avenues for reflection are expected in the first half of 2022.

- The site of the Conference on the future of Europe.


- Thierry Chopin, political scientist and professor of political science at the

Catholic University of Lille


Deputy director of the



More info: here 

- Ulrike Guerot, Director of the Department of European Policy at the

University of the Danube in Krems 

, Austria.

Founder of 

“European Democracy Lab”. 

Online from


More info: here 

- Sandro Gozi, 

Renaissance / Renew


Secretary General of

 the European Democratic Party, 

former Italian Minister for European Affairs. 

His Twitter account: here

- Lukas Macek,  

director of the

Sciences Po


in Dijon, 

associate researcher at the

Jacques Delors Institute.

More info: here 

- Marie Caillaud, president of the 

Young Europeans

More info: here


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