[Explanation] On May 9, the "caregiver mothers" of the Ningxia Children's Welfare Institute spent a Mother's Day with their "children".

These children are orphans and disabled children in Ningxia Children's Welfare Institute. Although they have no blood relationship with the caregiver, they are the loveliest "babies" in their hearts.

  [Explanation] Ningxia Children’s Welfare Institute currently adopts more than 280 orphans and disabled children, with a disability rate of 98%. Some of these children are physically disabled, some are developmental delays, and some suffer from illness... Poor, many actions that normal children can complete independently require the assistance of "caregiver mothers", and the little progress these children make each time will make "moms" happy and gratified.

  [Concurrent] Yang Suqin, nurse of orphans and disabled children in Ningxia Children's Welfare Institute

  For children with cerebral palsy or children with Down syndrome, their overall abilities are very different from those of children of the same age.

This requires us to do some passive touches and massages to promote their ability to improve even bit by bit.

When I see every bit of his progress, even if it is said that this child can make a (only) hand from clenching a fist and then (to) making a fist, this state (we) is very happy to see.

  [Explanation] Caregiver Yang Suqin is the mother of a 9-year-old child. In her opinion, different from caring for her own children, caring for children in the orphanage is more responsible and requires more patience.

  [Concurrent] Yang Suqin, nurse of orphans and disabled children in Ningxia Children's Welfare Institute

  When he opened his mouth and called your mother for the first time, I felt that compared with the children in the family, the words were more of a touch and excitement. Sometimes there may be a little excitement, because he is less responsive to the children When you open your mouth and say a word, even if a single word "mother" or a similar sound, we are all of the kind who are more excited.

  [Commentary] The caregiver Liu Jinling has no children yet, but her long-term work experience in caring for orphans and disabled children has given her a lot of experience in caring for children.

  [Concurrent] Ningxia Children's Welfare Institute Orphans and Disabled Children's Caregiver Liu Jinling

  Although I am not a mother and have no children of my own, I think this child is the same as mine.

Because you pay the same, you may sometimes care for him far more than your own children. When you have your own children, you may not be able to accompany him 24 hours a day; but what we do here requires 24 hours. Inseparable care.

When he is crying, you have to know why he is crying. He is wronged?


Still peeing?

You need to know this.

  [Explanation] For the "caregiver mothers", being separated from their children is a happy and sad thing: emotionally, they are reluctant to be separated from the children they have been caring for for many days, but reason tells them, Leaving oneself and integrating into the social family is the best way for these children.

  [Concurrent] Ma Yanyan, care worker for orphans and disabled children in Ningxia Children's Welfare Institute

  They always call Dad to pick me up, and I want to find Dad.

Maybe my father is very strange to them. We have more lesbians, and they are very familiar with their mothers.

I hope someone will adopt them sooner, so that they can (let them) really get that kind of care from my father.

  【Explanation】Although he is not his own flesh and blood, he still has a motherly heart.

The "caregiver mothers" of Ningxia Children's Welfare Institute treat the orphans and disabled children in the Children's Welfare Institute like their own children, and give them a warm home.

In this special holiday, I also wish them a happy Mother's Day!

  (Xie Yu and Yang Di report from Yinchuan, Ningxia)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]