What are the advantages of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine and how does it work?

A few days ago, the Corona vaccine, developed by the Chinese company Sinopharm, had been approved by the World Health Organization, for use in emergency situations.

The WHO Vaccine Experts Committee recommended Sinopharma, the first Chinese vaccine to receive the green light from WHO, for people aged 18 years and over.

The Arab countries were at the forefront of adopting the Sinopharma vaccine in their national vaccination campaign against the virus, led by the United Arab Emirates, which registered the Sinopharma vaccine and gave it approval for emergency use in vaccination campaigns.

And at the beginning of this year, the health authorities in Egypt granted the Chinese vaccine a license to use locally in the vaccination campaign that they started with medical teams, and has received thousands of doses of it so far.

During the past year, the "G42 Healthcare" company in the UAE and "Sinopharma CNBG" cooperated in conducting the first phase of the third clinical trials of the inactive vaccine against the Coronavirus in a number of countries in the region, including the UAE, Egypt and Jordan, with more participation. Of 43,000 volunteers.

The director of vaccinations at the Egyptian Company for Biological Preparations and Vaccines (government), Mustafa Mohammadi, said that this vaccine is very distinct, and it is no less important, effective and safe than the vaccines that were approved by the World Health Organization before that.

In statements to "Sky News", Mohammadi added that clinical trials of the Chinese vaccine have been conducted in Egypt in the third stage, and that is why we have been using it since the beginning of the national campaign for vaccination with Corona vaccines.

Mohammadi was one of the supervisors of the clinical trials that were conducted on the Chinese vaccine in Egypt late last year.

He explained that this vaccine has a high level of safety compared to the rest of the other vaccines, as it was manufactured using traditional technology in the manufacture of vaccines, such as the influenza vaccine, which relies on inactivated or "dead" virus technology.

He continued, "This vaccine is able to stimulate the immune system and cause an adequate immune response to achieve prevention, and it has no risk factors."

Mohammadi stressed that the Egyptian Ministry of Health did not monitor dangerous or unexpected side effects on citizens who received this vaccine, and all the side effects that were reported were within the acceptable range in cases such as obtaining any vaccine, such as pain at the vaccination site, or a slight increase in The temperature speeds away.

The Sinopharm vaccine works by pushing the human immune system to make antibodies to the Corona virus, which bind to viral proteins, such as the so-called spiny proteins that encircle the surface of the virus.

Once vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine, the immune system can respond to live corona virus infection, as immune cells produce antibodies that target "spike protein", which prevents the virus from entering the cells, and other types of antibodies may prevent the virus by other means.

And the Egyptian Ministry of Health previously confirmed that the vaccine has proven its effectiveness by 86 percent, its ability to produce antibodies by 99 percent, and its ability to enjoy moderate and violent infections by 100 percent.