Victoria Beckham came close to spending the summer with Crocs on her feet!

Last week the very chic fashion designer received a rather unexpected present from Justin Bieber.

It was a pair of lilac-colored Crocs from a collaboration with Drew House, the pop star's brand.

"OK it's so kind of Justin Bieber to send me Crocs."

I have never worn a pair of Crocs.

It made me laugh, I mean, it's the intention that counts.

Thank you very much, ”replied Victoria Beckham in an Instagram Story relayed by



And the star then offered to her fans to vote on whether or not she was going to wear this sumptuous pair of rubber clogs.

Rather die

And fortunately for Victoria Beckham, her followers voted 57% "no", thus preventing her from slipping her feet in the most comfortable, but also the least classy, ​​shoes.

"Am I going to wear lilac Crocs?"

!… Well we were not far from it!

I think I would prefer to die but thank you anyway Justin Bieber, ”she added in commentary on the vote.

Victoria Beckham doesn't know what she's missing!


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