on May 8th. The State Council Information Office held a press conference on the 8th of the "Clearness" series of special actions in 2021.

Speaking of the recent "pouring milk" incident, Zhang Yongjun, director of the Network Comprehensive Management Bureau of the State Internet Information Office, said at the meeting that he will further strengthen the in-depth study of the behavior patterns and governance methods of the "fan circle" group, and guide relevant website platforms to develop communities Rules, regulate the network behavior of fan groups, try to solve problems from the root, and guide young people to chase stars rationally.

  At the press conference, a reporter asked: In recent years, the cyber bullying and cyber violence that have occurred in the "rice circle" of minors have shown an emerging trend. Previously, the National Cyberspace Administration of China repeatedly requested that minors be banned from inducing help on rankings and scouring control. Comment, rectify the behavior of inciting fans to tear each other, but such incidents still occur from time to time. Recently, there has been an incident in which fans of "Youth Have You 3" beat the list for their idols and poured milk for their idols. Online behavior to prevent adverse events from fan groups?

  Zhang Yongjun said that the chaos in the "rice circle" is indeed a relatively prominent problem on the current Internet, and it has always attracted attention.

The recent variety show "Youth with You 3" hit the list and fell the milk incident once again to bring the "rice circle" problem into the eyes of the general public and push it to the cusp of the storm, arousing strong attention and condemnation from the society.

  "Actually, there is nothing wrong with star chasing. Young people like stars, but it has become a problem if there is no bottom line. Now the prominent chaos of the'rice circle' is mainly manifested in the fact that some organizations induce youths to chase stars without a bottom line for their own benefit. The result is that these young people are Online verbal abuse and mutual tearing, including human flesh searches, rumors and attacks, and improper consumption. There are many examples like this. They are full of money and hostility. They have created a bad online culture. They have also misled and eroded the three views of teenagers, and aroused parents Worried, distressed, and even hated. We also receive many letters from parents in our daily work, so this year's "Qing Lang" series of special actions put this action in the governance focus." Zhang Yongjun said.

  Zhang Yongjun revealed that the work is mainly carried out from three aspects:

  The first is to focus on the problem and deal with and clean up harmful information.

In response to the "rice circle" existing on the current website platform insulting each other, instigating opposition, scrambling and controlling reviews, including instigating excessive consumption or even large consumption, cyber violence and other bad behaviors and phenomena, the first is to clean up harmful information, and the second is to clean up harmful information. Resolutely dispose of professional black fans and malicious marketing group accounts. The purpose of these group accounts is to manipulate these things. The third is to resolutely dispose of website platforms that condone chaos, especially those that have never changed. Heavy punishment.

  The second is to compact the main responsibility of the platform and strengthen daily management.

In accordance with the principle of who runs and manages, who benefits and who is responsible, supervise website platforms, especially those with a relatively concentrated "fan circle", and set up a special team to strengthen daily research and judgment to deal with such bad information.

Establish a fan community management mechanism, strengthen the adjustment of key functions, and implement classified policies for key people and key accounts.

For closed management community forums, strengthen the management of section moderators, and implement classified management of accounts.

From these aspects, further pressure will be exerted on network platforms to let them play a role.

  The third is to implement comprehensive policies and strive to cure the root cause.

Combined with the special actions carried out, it will further strengthen the in-depth research on the behavior patterns and governance methods of the "fan circle" group, guide relevant website platforms to formulate community rules, regulate the network behavior of fan groups, try to solve problems from the source, and guide young people to rationally chase stars. .

At the same time, the chaos in the "rice circle" is also a comprehensive phenomenon. Taking "Youth with You 3" as an example, it not only involves the problem of fans' bottomless star chasing, but also involves the problem of platform indulgence, and also involves the problem of bad behavior of the business because of milk After opening the cover, there is a QR code inside. If you want to vote, you have to buy it. Who can drink so much? If you want to vote more, the milk will be wasted, so it also includes the problem of the merchant.

  Zhang Yongjun said that governance requires comprehensive policies and requires all parties to form joint efforts for common governance.

The National Cyberspace Administration of China will put forward more requirements for the website platform, and hope that the website platform will strengthen communication with the celebrity management team and fan support associations, guide everyone to chase stars rationally, and try to eliminate these problems from the root cause.