China News Service, Shenyang, May 7th, title: The nearly 400-year-old Shenyang Forbidden City becomes more "live" and younger

  Author Han Hong

  The 2021 May Day Travel Big Data Report jointly released by Ctrip and Xinhua Finance recently showed that the Shenyang Imperial Palace was selected as the top three newly-emerging popular scenic spots in China.

Why does this ancient building with a history of nearly 400 years stand out among the many scenic spots in China?

  The Shenyang Imperial Palace is one of the two most complete ancient palace complexes left in China. It was built in 1625 and basically completed in 1636. It was a royal palace built and used in the early Qing Dynasty. It was an important place for Emperor Daoguang to visit and store palace treasures in the east.

  "I have visited the Forbidden City in Beijing, and have always wanted to visit the Shenyang Forbidden City, to see the Qing Dynasty imperial supplies exhibition and the treasures in the collection." During the "May Day" this year, Li Xin, a young tourist from Beijing, after visiting the Shenyang Forbidden City So said.

Xie Liangqing, a tourist from Jiangsu, said, "I want to take my children to see the place where the emperor lived and experience the charm of Qing culture and history."

  In fact, in order to attract young people, the Shenyang Forbidden City has continuously innovated the exhibition format in recent years, introducing the "younger" voice into the exhibition theme and launching a series of cultural activities in various forms.

The Shenyang Imperial Palace has successively held more than 40 exhibitions, such as "Full House of Gold and Jade-Luxury Collection of the Imperial Palace of Shenyang", "Encounter in the Palace-When Blue and White Porcelain Meets Paper-cutting", "Emperor Qianlong's Shengjing Study Room-Shenyang Imperial Palace Collection of Qing Palace Stationery Exhibition "Wait.

The Shenyang Palace Museum launched the "Hundreds of Baidus in the Public-Three Favorite Cultural Relics Selection Activity of Shenyang Palace Museum Audiences and 100 Participating Cultural Relics Exhibition".

The public can vote for their favorite cultural relics from the 100 cultural relics that participated in the election. This event made most of the cultural relics "raised in deep boudoirs" known to the public.

  The Shenyang Palace Museum also holds public demonstrations and observation and experience activities for cultural relics protection projects, so that the protection of cultural relics has entered the public's field of vision and attracts the public, especially young people, to participate in the experience.

"Guopuzi", "Xiazhu nails", "comb hemp strands"...


The public can walk into the ancient building repair site, listen to, witness and experience the traditional craftsmanship of ancient building repair, and feel the traditional culture.

The Forbidden City of Shenyang also invited a live broadcast platform to the protection and restoration site of the oil paintings of the Forbidden City of Shenyang, leading the audience to observe the restoration process of ancient architectural paintings through the "cloud".

According to reports, although the Shenyang Imperial Palace is nearly 400 years old, the protection status of its ancient buildings has reached the best state in history.

  In addition, the cultural and creative industries developed by the Shenyang Forbidden City are becoming more and more popular among young people.

Dadian ice cream, sacred animal ice cream, "Ping An Ruyi" Caibei bracelet, and "Khan King's Sword Chopsticks" are well received.

Among them, the hall ice cream in the shape of the iconic building of the Shenyang Imperial Palace and the sacred animal ice cream in the shape of the hallmark of the collection of cultural relics have become the "weapons" for taking pictures during the "May 1st" holiday.

According to statistics, from May 1st to 4th, the total income of cultural and creative industries in the Shenyang Palace Museum was 1.15 million yuan, an increase of 150% over the same period in 2019.

  According to Li Shengneng, director of the Shenyang Palace Museum, the concept of "big cultural and creative" has been deeply rooted in the cultural and creative work of the Shenyang Palace Museum in recent years, and cultural authorization and multi-format cross-border cooperation have flourished.

While constantly optimizing the shopping experience of cultural and creative products for tourists, the Shenyang Forbidden City also expands the audience of cultural and creative products and strives to implement the service concept of "bringing museum culture home".

  During the May 1st holiday in 2021, the number of visitors, ticket revenues, and sales of cultural and creative products in the Forbidden City in Shenyang hit a record high, with a total of 133,700 tourists, of which most were young tourists. According to the analysis of the source of tourists, most tourists from outside Liaoning Province , Accounting for 68.16% of the total number of people.

From the analysis of the age group of tourists, young tourists accounted for the majority, with the proportion of 18 to 30 years old accounting for 41.84%; 30 to 60 years old accounting for 46.56%.

  "It's beautiful if you just pat it!" Li Lin, a "post-90s" tourist, said while posting on Weibo in the Shenyang Palace Museum.

Hu Yin, a college student from Dalian, dressed in traditional costumes and holding the Shenyang Palace Museum Cultural and Creative Ice Cream, said with emotion, "I feel like traveling back to the Qing Dynasty to spend the'May Day' together with Gege's brothers." (End)