In the spotlight: responsible journalism?

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Kamanda Wa Kamanda Muzembe, RFI correspondent in the DRC.

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By: Kamanda Wa Kamanda

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First of all, this title on the front page of

La Prospérité

: “

Responsible, ethical and professional journalism

”. According to this daily, the new Minister of Information and Media, Patrick Muyaya Katembwe, challenged media professionals on these points on the occasion of International Press Freedom Day. All in all, explains the newspaper

La Prospérité

, it raises awareness, challenges and recommends a series of attitudes that media professionals must observe in the harmonious exercise of their daily profession. The newspaper

La Prospérité

uses this phrase from Patrick Muyaya: "

Faced with the threats that may hover over the freedom of journalists and the media, only professionalism remains the shield


The tri-weekly


focused on the state of siege decreed in North Kivu and Ituri where insecurity is recurrent.

Thirty days to bring peace to the East, headlines the newspaper, which observes that "

the soldier Tshisekedi rings the general mobilization



AfricaNews in 

addition to the soldiers and police officers sent, the new security authorities and the government, the soldier Tshisekedi appealed to the political class, the media and all social layers, invited - insists the tri-weekly - to play their scores.

For its part, the bi-weekly

Le Maximum

, on the same subject, believes that the state of siege is justified. For this newspaper, the proclamation of a state of siege in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri announced at the end of the 1st council of ministers of the new government on Friday April 30 caused a lot of ink to flow, and unfortunately a lot of blood. And the bi-weekly to note: Everything is happening as if everything was being done to nip in the bud this drastic measure taken by President Tshisekedi to face the daily tragedy suffered by the civilian populations. The newspaper

Le Maximum

thus illustrates the region of Beni where a FARDC soldier was shot dead at close range just hours after the Council of Ministers.

The Republic, a daily, is optimistic about the approach taken by the Head of State and headlines: " 

Fatshi: victory assured

". On the front page of this newspaper, Tshisekedi, like Rambo in combat gear, climbing mountains and valleys, helicopter in the air, tanks and troops engaged on the ground… “

 Our oath? For God and the homeland, we will die!


Finally in

Le Phare

, another daily: Bukanga-Lonzo: finally legal proceedings against Matata Ponyo.

In this nebulous and scandalous affair, explain our colleagues from the newspaper

Le Phare

, there is more revolting: "

The fact that the former Prime Minister, who is said to have not surrounded himself with all the necessary prudential measures that could guarantee the good management of the project, which results

, continues

Le Phare


in rendering opaque the management carried out by the South African partners.



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