, Beijing, May 8th. Recently, the reporter learned that Beijing Chengxuan's 2021 spring auction will kick off on May 14. Four items including Chinese painting and calligraphy, modern and contemporary art, porcelain crafts, and coins will be launched. Six special sessions.

  There are a total of more than 530 Chinese paintings and calligraphy lots. Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi, Wu Guan and others all have exquisite works on display, and there are no shortage of masterpieces by other famous artists.

Qi Baishi, "Four Screens of Xianghui and Jiaguo".

Photo courtesy of Beijing Chengxuan

  Among them, "The Four Screens of Fragrant Flowers and Good Fruits" was a work of the 85-year-old Baishi in 1945. It is divided into white magnolia, purple grapes, red lotus and yellow loquat. The brush and ink are vertical and the color is bright and smooth; "Palm Chickens" painted in In the mid-1940s, the pen and ink were vivid, and the image of the chick was vivid and interesting.

  There are several pieces of Wu Guanzhong's fine works, each with different themes.

In the mid-1980s, the work "Autumn Pond Lotus Shadow" was collected by Dr. Luo Guixiang from Hong Kong. It has rich and delicate colors and precise brushwork, showing the luxuriant and quiet interest of the lotus pond.

  In addition, according to reports, there are fifteen papers and more than 5,900 words in the "Volume of Sutra written by the Tang Dynasty "Buddha Saying Prince Xudana", which is simple and elegant in style.

Liang Qichao's 1917 book "Excerpts from the Four Screens of Han Shiwai Biography" was written as a gift to the famous educator Yan Xiu, with a grand scale and extraordinary momentum.

  The modern and contemporary art session focuses on the elite selection of lots, and the number is slightly reduced.

There are more than 150 pieces of porcelain and handicraft auctions.

The Qing Dynasty Kangxi yellow ground bucket bowl with cloud dragon pattern is small and exquisite in shape. The outer wall is painted with a light yellow color as the ground. The double dragon is painted among the five-color auspicious clouds. It is a precious variety of the Kangxi official kiln.

  A large bowl with three patterns of four-season flowers in the Yongzheng powder celadon glaze of the Qing Dynasty. The whole body is covered with powder green glaze. The outer wall is embossed with lotus, peony, bergamot, longevity peach, pomegranate and other folded flowers and fruits under the glaze.

A large bowl with pink glaze guipure flowers and three-duo pattern in Yongzheng period.

Photo courtesy of Beijing Chengxuan

  The coin project has a total of more than 1,600 items, divided into two special sessions.

The special auction of "Ancient Coins, Gold and Silver Ingots" has more than 500 items.

In the banknote sector, the trial version of the official ticket of the Ministry of Households in Xianfeng three years was handwritten one or two. It was the first trial ticket issued by the official ticket of the Ministry of Households. It is rare in the world, and good products are hard to find.

  There are more than 1,100 items in the special auction of "Machine Coins".

The "Long Beard Dragon" one-yuan sample coin (PCGS SP63) of the Xuantong Three-Year Great Qing Silver Coin (PCGS SP63) is the most popular variety in the Xuantong Three-Year Silver Main Coin Series.

  There are also many exquisite pieces of machine-made copper coins.

In 1909, the "Bian" five-text sample coin of the Qing Dynasty Copper Coin Center of the Jiyou Dynasty was trial-casted by the Minting Factory of the Du Branch, and the coin was not issued and the amount of casting was very small.