The Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay will be held in Saga Prefecture from the 9th to the 2nd.

At the torch relay, more than 170 runners will connect all 20 cities and towns in the prefecture.

On the 9th of the first day, after leaving the underwater torii gate in Tara Town, we will visit the tower gate, which is designated as a national important cultural property by the symbol of Takeo Onsen in Takeo City.

The torch will be connected to Arita Town, a pottery town where the traditional townscape remains, and will arrive in Karatsu City, which is known for Karatsu Castle.

In Saga Prefecture, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus has increased rapidly, and some related events have been cancelled.

The Games Organizing Committee and Saga Prefecture are calling for support through live broadcasts delivered on the Internet as much as possible, and to avoid crowds and support by applause even along the road.