Nick Schilder and Simon Keizer had a good weekend last weekend: 1.4 million people watched the documentary series they made with Kees Tol about ABBA on Friday and 1.2 million people put the television on

Onmogelijke Duetten

on Sunday


Schilder tells that he always checks social media after a broadcast to see what people think.

"I do want to know what the sentiment is. For example, I read after

Impossible Duetten

that people found the fireplace annoying, which is good to know because you can then take that with you in a possible second season", said the singer, who but what is pleased with the high viewing figures for the SBS program in which well-known Dutch people sing a duet with artists who are inaccessible.

"I dreamed of 900,000 viewers in advance, so this is of course fantastic. While making you try not to think too much about that, but it does play in the back of your mind. Any maker who says that it is not the case is lying. that people like it and that they are distracted from everything that happens. "

Many well-known colleagues often say in interviews that they ignore negative reactions, but Schilder has

learned to deal

with it through

The Voice

. "Then I really noticed that you just can't do it right. One week we sent someone home, you got that fan club over you and the next week it was different again. And now it is working out well, everyone is enthusiastic and that is nice. You can also miss the mark, even though you think you have made something beautiful. Making TV is simply not an absolute science, that is also the challenge. "

Impossible Duetten

now seems to be a hit in any case: viewers are enthusiastic about Typhoon who sings with Louis Armstrong and Dinand Woesthoff who records a duet with a 32-year-old Willeke Alberti.

"We have a wonderful line-up of artists with really surprising people who you might not know they can sing. Loes Haverkort has recorded a really nice duet and Ronnie Flex has done something really cool. Haha no, I can't tell you what , then people just have to watch. "

Watch out for overkill

The fact that Schilder en Keizer can now be seen twice in a weekend, both at AVROTROS and SBS6, would have been something that Schilder would have preferred to do differently if he had chosen for himself. "You have to watch out for overkill, but it makes a difference that there is a day in between and that it is on different channels. Colleagues sometimes ask: how is it possible that you can both do it? But we have always remained loyal to the people. that helped us further at the start of our career: to the TROS and to John de Mol, so no conflicts arise. "

In the program, the painter does not enter into an impossible duet. "That was the case for a while, but now we really have a clear task as presenters and that is good, I think. But yes, I did think about it. I would like to do a duet with Sam Cooke,

A Change. is Gonna Come

. Who knows, maybe for a second season. "

A second season of

Impossible Duetten

has not yet been promised, but Schilder would really like it.

"At SBS they wait a while until the second and third episodes have also taken place and whether there are still so many people watching. But we want to, although we have to look for another 36 artists who do just as well and just like that. be enthusiastic. Maybe we can also ask people back, 36 new names is of course a lot. "

Impossible Duetten can be seen weekly on Sundays at 9:40 PM on SBS6.