China News Service, Fuzhou, May 8 (Li Bailei) The reporter recently learned from the Standing Committee of the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Congress that in order to further promote the effective implementation of the "Fuzhou Fujian Cuisine Technology and Culture Protection Regulations," Regarding the review opinions on the implementation of the "Fuzhou Min Cuisine Technical and Cultural Protection Regulations", the review opinions on the research and treatment of the report, affirmed the orderly advancement of various matters, and required to strengthen the top-level design, study and formulate the Fujian cuisine development action plan, and effectively crack the protection and development of the Fujian cuisine The bottleneck problem in China, and strive to strengthen and expand the Fujian cuisine industry.

  It is understood that Fuzhou has introduced the first batch of Fujian cuisine skills protection list items, and 30 hot dishes and 35 Fuzhou flavor snacks are on the list.

A survey and sorting of Fujian cuisine skills and culture has been carried out throughout the city, selected Fujian cuisine masters over 70 years old, and intends to preserve the recipe making process in digital form such as video.

  The meeting of the directors of the Standing Committee of the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Congress requested that while formulating an action plan for the development of Fujian cuisine, the preparation of the Fujian cuisine museum should be accelerated, and the evaluation of representative inheritors and studios of the Fujian cuisine project should also be accelerated, and the preparation of the next batch of Fujian cuisine skills protection catalogues should be initiated in due course. .

It is also necessary to increase the rewards and supplements for the inheritors and apprentices, and establish a team of famous teachers composed of Fujian cuisine masters and inheritors as soon as possible, and set up multi-level quality courses to improve the training ability and quality of Fujian cuisine talents.