The first thing in Chongqing is to eat a bowl of Chongqing noodles.

On May 7, the reporter learned from the Chongqing Small Noodles Association that, driven by the popularity of major tourist attractions during the May 1st holiday this year, the association’s preliminary calculation and statistics showed that there were more than 80,000 small noodle stores in the city, which were sold in a total of 5 days. More than 15 million catties of Chongqing small noodles, an increase of about 20% than usual.

  “The number of tourists checking in and delicacies has exploded. During the five days of the festival, the daily sales volume of our small noodle industry was about 3 million catties, and the total amount exceeded 15 million catties.” Zhang Guilun, executive vice president of Chongqing Small Noodle Association, told Reporter, foreign tourists check in Chongqing. In addition to hot pot, their favorite delicacy is Chongqing noodles, especially the sales of small noodle restaurants around tourist attractions on holidays have also increased by an average of 50%.

  According to reports, in recent years, Chongqing has been awarded the "China's Small Noodle Capital". Chongqing small noodles are another city gourmet business card besides "Chongqing Hot Pot", attracting many tourists from all over the country to check in.

Among them, Li Jun, the person in charge of a small noodle store in Haochi Street, Jiefangbei, said that during the May 1st holiday this year, the store had many queues and sold more than 1,000 bowls of Chongqing noodles in just one day, exceeding 400. jin.

  In March of this year, the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce released data showing that there are 84,000 small noodle shops in Chongqing, and an average of 12.6 million bowls of noodles are sold every day.

(Reporter Jia Nan)

Editor in charge: [Sun Jingbo]