Blincoln demanded the release of Huang Zhifeng and others, and the Hong Kong Department of Justice shot back: absurd!

  [Global Network Comprehensive Reporter Zhao Youping] Hong Kong’s “Sing” reported that Hong Kong rioters Huang Zhifeng, Cen Aohui, Yuan Jiawei, and Liang Kaiqing participated in an illegal assembly last year and were charged with “knowingly participating in an unauthorized assembly”. They were sentenced to jail on the 6th. To 10 months.

And the US Secretary of State Blincoln issued a ridiculous request today (7th), asking the Hong Kong government to release them immediately.

The Hong Kong Department of Justice issued a statement reprimanding his request for absurdity.

  According to the report, Brinken posted on Twitter today that Huang Zhifeng and others were sentenced to imprisonment. He claimed that the Hong Kong government should release all "people who exercise their freedom peacefully" and that "the United States will walk with Hong Kong people."

  In response, the Hong Kong Attorney General issued a statement on the 7th condemning it, saying that he would never agree with the absurd remarks made by individuals.

The statement stated that Hong Kong’s laws have always respected and protected the rights and freedoms under the Basic Law, but these rights and freedoms are not absolute and can be restricted, including the protection of the rights and freedoms of others based on public order.

  The statement also mentioned that the court followed appropriate procedures in handling cases. If there is dissatisfaction with the sentence, it should be filed in the form of an appeal through an established and fair mechanism.

And any absurd demand for the immediate release of the defendant will not only disrespect the rule of law, but will also be regarded as an attempt to interfere in Hong Kong's affairs.

  The statement emphasized that no one should unreasonably criticize Hong Kong's judicial and legal system; and in accordance with the legal principle of "avoidance pending cases" (sub judice), they should not recklessly comment on cases that have not yet concluded judicial procedures.