10 yuan protein powder is sold to the elderly for more than 4,000 yuan!

Seventy-year-old old man trapped in free medical scam

  Recently, Shandong Dongying police cracked a telecommunication network fraud case specifically targeting middle-aged and elderly people.

  Criminal gangs fake the Red Cross Society and use "free medical care" as bait to sell health care products of the so-called Beijing Tongrentang to middle-aged and elderly people.

Under the rhetoric of the other party, some elderly people were defrauded of tens of thousands of yuan in cash in the name of "joining the association" and "paying a deposit." The agency also promised that the elderly would send them "health drugs that only senior officials can eat."

  A 74-year-old deceived old man told reporters that the other party sent her "white noodles in plastic bags" and "Beijing Special No. 1", but she didn't dare to eat them because of the simple packaging.

A few days later, the old man received another 4 barrels of items with American ginseng powder printed on them, and the other party asked her to pay 4217 yuan.

The old man wondered why he had to pay for the free medical treatment.

A person surnamed Han came forward and explained that because it is a poverty alleviation project, her pension can be increased through various channels, and this money is used to compensate for the handling fee of the pension.

  In this way, in a month, the old man transferred 4 sums of money to each other, totaling 24,600 yuan.

A follow-up investigation by the police found that these so-called notoginseng powder and American ginseng powder, which are worth several thousand yuan, are actually powders similar to protein powder, and each can is worth only a dozen yuan.