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tanning creams,

and other innovative formulas such as

waters, foams and lotions, are

no longer what they used to be. We explain ourselves: they continue to fulfill their function of

faking an express tan

without the need to sunbathe, but without the side effects that once made them

unpleasant cosmetics.

Because it is undeniable:

self-tanners 'from the beginning'

had an odor that left much to be desired, the

fault of DHA

or dihydroaxketone, the active ingredient that triggers the

good false color

of the skin, whose aroma does not accompany its 'coloring' effectiveness. Not to mention that many of them also left

an orange hue

that had little to do with the healthy golden


that the sun's rays favor.

Well, today science -and cosmetics- anticipate that it is outrageous, and if you do not have time or patience to start giving legs, arms and the body in general a good tone to teach skin, the current self-tanners leave a very natural finish,

gold not orange, in

addition to having



so that

the 'stink' of DHA

remains in a distant place of memory.

Not only: with

formulas that are increasingly simple

to apply available, the self-tanning gesture is easy as never before, in addition to the fact that these cosmetics are usually enriched with moisturizing agents - another of the 'buts' is that they were very dry.

If all this that we tell you does not convince you yet to say goodbye to

that white paleness

in your legs in a matter of hours, and without the risks that sunbathing entails, because you fear that you will become 'patchy' brown, the pharmacist

Rocío Escalante,

from Arbosana Pharmacy, gives us the tips to

apply the self-tanner

on the body effectively and uniformly:

  • It is essential to

    exfoliate the skin 24 hours before,

    as well as to hydrate it a lot.

    In this way we will achieve a uniform, beautiful and long-lasting tan.

  • Self-tanners should be applied

    with a mitten,

    because the result will be more homogeneous.

    If you do it with your hands,

    wash them thoroughly as

    soon as you finish.

  • Tanning occurs


    so it is not advisable to exceed the amount, but we must wait to see what color our skin is taking and continue applying it if we are looking for a stronger tone.

Escalante also emphasizes that even with fair skin, the current self-tanners do not leave

an artificial color:

"The tan

rises every day,

we can control it, when the moment comes when you do not want to enhance it more, you just have to stop applying it daily ".

To be a

brunette from now on, it

only remains for you to choose your

weapons to self-tan.

We have selected a

few different and innovative creams and other textures

so that you can choose the one that


you best and start to be

toasted in a matter of hours.

St. Moriz 5-in-1 Self Tanning Mousse

Self Tanning Mousse 5 in 1 from St. Moriz.

With a



that makes it easy to apply, it provides additional hydration while leaving a long-lasting tanned finish.

It acts as a

body BB cream, in

addition to self-tanning, because it nourishes, not only

raises the tone,

it washes away easily and is easy and even to apply.

It takes between

four and six hours to



You can buy it here for 9.56 euros (with a 20% discount already applied).

Garnier Delial Vitamin E Self Tanning Lotion

Garnier Delial Self Tanning Lotion with Vitamin E.

Light and moisturizing,

because it is enriched with vitamin E and apricot oil, it tans the skin

in an hour,

with a

golden and healthy



without leaving marks, which lasts about a week.

You can buy it here for 17.51 ​​euros.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Tanning Water Tanning Water

Airbrush Tanning Water by Sally Hansen.

Recommended to give a good color

to the legs,

this colorless water enriched with

vitamins and DHA active ingredients

gradually provides a tanned tone.

The formula is light, refreshing and makes the skin





Being a spray, it

is vaporized, massaged,

and voila.

If a subtle shade is desired,

one application will suffice.

For a more intense tone, several layers are used.

You can buy it here for 14.95 euros.

St. Tropez Self Tanning Foam

St. Tropez Self Tanning Foam.

Express action, this foam allows the color to 'rise'

in a matter of an hour.

It is easy to apply thanks to

its texture,

which is also moisturizing, dries fast and allows a self-tanning a la carte, from

more golden to more intense


You can buy it here for 24.95 euros.

Avène Hydrating Self Tanning Gel

Avène hydrating self-tanning gel.

In a light, non-greasy gel texture, it provides an even and natural tone.

The combination of its active ingredients also

calms and hydrates,

so it can be

applied to sensitive skin.

You can buy it here for 21.50 euros.

E'lifexir Color Drain by Phergal

E'lifexir Color Drain by Phergal.

It is not a self-tanner as such, but

a tinted gel

that provides a summery golden hue, as a

body makeup.

It is ideal to uncover the legs of the stockings, because it has

a Photoshop effect

that leaves them bright and perfect, and it is also draining, reduces volume and imperfections.

It dries instantly,

does not stain clothes,

prepares and enhances the skin for a healthy tan and fights skin aging.

It is removed with soap and water.

You can buy it here for 21.50 euros.

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