Local time May 7 news, a few days ago, paleontologists discovered that a kind of small theropods have extraordinary hearing and night vision abilities.

Shuvuuia is a small dinosaur that lives in the desert. This species has a very large ear pinna, which is almost the same as a modern barn owl in relative size.

This discovery suggests that Shuvuuia can hunt in complete darkness, like barn owls.

This creature, which no longer appears in the world for a long time, also has a pair of eye-catching eyes, which are said to be the largest pupils measured in birds or dinosaurs, indicating that they can see very clearly at night.

Shuvuuia is about the size of a chicken and lives in the desert of what is now Mongolia.

The picture shows an artistically restored image of Shuvuuia.

Release time: 2021-05-08 08:53:14 【Editor: Zhai Lu】