Cyber ​​attacks using ransom-type viruses targeting Japanese companies have been revealed one after another, but it was found that three new overseas affiliates of Japanese companies were attacked, and information security companies Is calling attention.

It is believed that the cyber attack using the ransomware virus, which requires a stake, was carried out by ADEKA, a chemical material maker, Mitsubishi Corporation's American joint venture "Amfine Chemical", and Keyence, a German subsidiary of measuring equipment maker. Besides, it is an American subsidiary of medical device manufacturer Nipro.

According to information security company Mitsui Bussan Secure Direction and Almoris, a criminal group publishes confidential information about employees' personal information and company products that are believed to be part of the stolen information on a dark site on the net, and ransom. It seems to be requesting.

According to the interview, ADEKA, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Nipro are "under investigation."

It is believed that all of them were aimed at the security vulnerabilities of overseas bases, and according to an investigation by Almoris on the 7th, apart from these companies, overseas bases of several major Japanese companies had vulnerabilities. I found out that a server etc. is used.

If you are connected to an overseas base via an in-house network, the Japanese headquarters may be attacked, and Keisuke Kamada of Almoris said, "At overseas subsidiaries, there may not be enough personnel and budget for security measures. Attack methods are changing rapidly, and Japanese companies need to keep track of what vulnerabilities they have, including overseas bases, and urgently take countermeasures. "

Last month, it was revealed that confidential information was disclosed after Kajima Construction Co., Ltd., a major general contractor, and HOYA's overseas affiliated company, a major optical equipment company, were attacked over a cyber attack using a ransom-type virus. ..