On the afternoon of May 6, an explosion occurred at a repair shop in Napo Town, Tianyang District, Baise, Guangxi. The incident resulted in 1 death and 3 minor injuries.

The live video shows: the mushroom cloud created by the explosion rose into the sky.

Monitoring in the homes of nearby residents showed that after an explosion, the camera shook with the shock wave, and the anti-theft nets and windows of nearby residents’ homes were shaken off, a large number of leaves were shaken off, debris was flying around, and vehicles were destroyed.

The personnel on duty in Baise City Government told reporters that the explosion was suspected to be caused by the thermal expansion stone cracking agent used for road construction. The accident caused 1 death and 3 minor injuries. The wounded were all skin trauma. They have been sent to the local hospital for treatment and the deceased is being treated. jobs.

(Reporter Zhang Guangquan produced Guo Shihao)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】