Egypt ... imprisonment of 4 accused who physically tortured two children

The Egyptian Public Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of 4 accused of detaining and physically torturing two children in the Ain Shams area in Cairo, as reported by the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Youm Al-Sabea.

The newspaper added that the Monitoring and Analysis Unit in the Al Bayan Department of the Egyptian Attorney General's Office had monitored the circulation of a video clip on social media sites of a child bullying and assaulting him.

The investigations revealed that the assaulted child, who was 15 years old, testified that one of the defendants had stopped him and a girl from his family who was accompanying him while they were walking on the public road - in the Ain Shams Police Department - wielding a white weapon in their faces, then they took him and two others to the residence - the place of the incident - and took them The girl was brought to his roof, and they held them for about three hours, during which they beat them and cut parts of their hair to insult them, then they released them.

The girl testified in the investigations of the Public Prosecution with the same content, adding that the mother of one of the accused participated with them in the commission of the incident.

The police investigations had resulted in the commission of the incident and were able to identify the four accused, "three boys and the mother of one of them," and arrest them.