For the 82-year-old Stig Björkman, the pandemic became a new chapter.

Instead of being seen at film festivals, he had isolated conversations in his home with his well-known film friends Isabella Rosellini, Olivier Assayas, Alicia Vikander, and Vicky Krieps.

- Stina got this idea to make a film about an elderly person who is trapped in his apartment and has the film as his window to the world.

I was a little hesitant at first maybe, but I just felt okay, it must be what it will be, says Stig Björkman.

Written a book

Despite his quarantine, Stig Björkman is doubly current with both Corona Film Club and the collection of essays The

Revelation Book - 203 texts about film.

The book consists of essays on everything from the Lumière brothers to Chloé Zhao and Céline Sciamma.

- It has been a bit of a rescue, partly to write this book that has taken place as if I had produced a film, watched it and rewritten it for maybe two days and then I took the next.

In the end, it has become a thick book of 800 pages that is now going to print, says Björkman.

The book of Revelation will be published on POV BOOKS on May 24