From the night of the 7th to the 8th, yellow sand is expected to fly over a wide area in western and eastern Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is calling attention to driving a car in poor visibility.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, yellow sand was observed in northern China and the Korean Peninsula on the 7th, and there are places where the "visibility" of the range where objects can be clearly seen with the naked eye is less than 5 km.

Due to the low pressure system in northeastern China and the strengthening of the westward wind, yellow sand may fly to northern Kyushu from the night of the 7th, and may fly to a wide range of western and eastern Japan by the 8th. about it.

"Visibility" is expected to be less than 10 km and in some cases less than 5 km.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says that if the visibility is less than 5 km, it may hinder traffic, and is calling for caution when driving a car or adhering yellow sand to laundry in poor visibility.