Chinanews, Baise, May 7 (Reporter Jiang Xuelin) Tianyang District, Baise City, Guangxi, announced on the 7th, at 18:00 on May 6, the road from Daotoutang to Napo Town, X850 County, Napo Town, Tianyang District, Baise City An accidental explosion occurred in the house where the thermal expansion (rock cracking) agent was stored, causing 1 death and 3 minor injuries, and property damage to varying degrees.

  After the accident, the main party and government leaders of Tianyang District immediately organized political and legal, public security, emergency, fire, health, transportation, and local government departments to deal with the scene as soon as possible.

  After preliminary investigation, the person involved Deng Mouxiang leased Tao Mouquan’s house on the side of the road 6 kilometers from Daotoutang to Napo in X850 County in late April 2021.

On May 1, Deng Mouxiang purchased a batch of thermal expansion (stone cracking) agents used for road construction and stored in the rental house.

At about 18:00 on May 6, an explosion occurred in the rental house storing thermal expansion (stone cracking) agents, resulting in 1 death and 3 minor injuries to related personnel in the auto repair shop next door.

In addition, the accident also caused two vans, two cars, one truck and four one-storey brick-concrete bungalows to varying degrees. The initial estimated property loss was 500,000 yuan.

  After the story happened, the Tianyang District Committee and District Government immediately set up an accident investigation leading group to carry out relevant investigation and disposal work.

The first is to conduct an investigation of the explosion site, trace the source based on the remains at the scene, and carry out investigation and review of the involved personnel; the second is to carry out a large-scale investigation of potential safety hazards throughout the region; the third is to do a good job in the treatment of the wounded and the dead. Family members appease work.

  At present, all the injured have been properly treated, their vital signs are stable, their consciousness is clear, and the families of the casualties are emotionally stable.

Investigation of the cause of the explosion and related disposal work are underway.