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  • Today, “The odyssey of a dented heart” by Stéphanie Esnard, published on January 11, 2021 by Editions Books On Demand.

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 Stéphanie Esnard's

Odyssey of a Dented Heart

, published on January 11, 2021 by Editions Books On Demand.

Her favorite quote:

“The peony, this magnificent flower with inexhaustible languages, allows me to tell you all the remorse that haunts me;

The double peony represents a dazzling love in the image of ours.

The red peony expresses the protection of our relationship and the white invites you to get well my angel.


Why this book?

  • Because the title doesn't lie: 

    this is truly the odyssey of a battered heart.

  • Because this love story is out of the ordinary


    It is a story of the heart with many twists and turns, mixed with many adventures, the story of a broken heart, won back, but fragile.

  • Because the writing is simple, suitable for all readers,

    interspersed with letters, and sometimes even SMS that make it modern and yet so detailed and engaging.

  • Because Roxane, the main character, is endearing

    by being overwhelmed by her feelings.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot.

 Roxanne has her first great love affair with James.

But James disappears for no reason, which makes her unhappy.

So how far will her undying love for James take her?


 James, Roxanne of course, but also Ben, Joseph, his family, his friends and Mandela his dog.


 United States.

The time.

 Nowadays, a modern story that recounts her years as a young woman, her twenties.

The author.

 Born in 1975, Stéphanie Esnard lives in Carquefou, near Nantes.

Always passionate about writing, she decided to take a break from her professional career to fully embark on this project.

This book was read with

 great enthusiasm.

Despite many novels on the theme of love, the latter through its narration, its writing and its common thread keeps the reader in the desire to continue the life of Roxanne, an upsetting life with many adventures.

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