China-Singapore Jingwei Client, May 7 (Zhao Jiaran, Lin Wansi) Recently, the third season of iQiyi's talent show "Youth With You" was ordered to suspend the recording, and the finals scheduled to be broadcast this weekend were delayed.

At the same time, the video of the show's fans buying and dumping milk drinks in large quantities for voting was circulated online.

The "pouring milk" incident was staged again after nearly a hundred years. This time, it seems to be related to capital.

 Iqiyi was suspended for recording "Blue You 3" 

  On the evening of May 4, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television issued an article on its WeChat public account, ordering iQiyi to suspend the recording of the third season of "Youth with You", and asking iQiyi to seriously check and rectify the existing problems.

  In the early morning of the 5th, the official Weibo of iQIYI's "Youth Have You" responded to the matter, saying "sincerely accept and resolutely obey". At the same time, the third season player of "Youth Has You", Yu Jingtian's company, Xingyu Yanle posted on Weibo The resignation statement stated that artist Yu Jingtian was unable to continue to participate in related work due to personal physical reasons and decided to withdraw from the current program recording.

  On the night of May 6, iQiyi issued an apology, saying it apologized for the impact of the "pouring milk video" and reiterated its firm opposition to all forms of food waste.

IQiyi said that from the moment it is published, all channels of assistance in the third season of "Youth Have You" will be closed.

  Screenshot source: Weibo

  The apology of iQiyi is related to the video of pouring milk for "milk ticket" that was circulated on the Internet a few days ago.

In the video, a group of people skillfully open the dairy products, leave the bottle caps and pour the milk into the ditch, behind them there is a half-person high wall of dairy products.

Some netizens identified that the dumped was Mengniu's real fruit drink used to vote for the iQiyi talent show.

  Some netizens expressed distress, "If it is distributed to passers-by, it is better than dumping it directly." "It is recommended to restore the mobile phone SMS voting method", while more netizens are puzzled, "Why do you have to design the cover? "

  On May 4th, Xinhua News Agency issued an anger criticizing the milk being dumped, sternly pointing out the negative effects of this behavior and whether it will mislead young people behind the eye-catching behavior. At the same time, it called on "Don't lead young people in the ditch!" On the 5th, CCTV also issued a criticism, saying that the merchant platform could not shirk the blame for the milk pouring incident.

Related dairy products are still on sale, lawyers said the platform should be held responsible

  Mengniu Zhenguo Li is the sponsor of "Youth With You" for three consecutive years.

The Sino-Singapore Jingwei client saw it in Mengniu’s official mini program "Zhenguo Lian Youth Fu Lishe", and the products that can be listed include Mengniu’s high-end colorful fruit boxes with the official logo of "Youth With You 3". Packed products (Red Pomelo Four Seasons Spring Flavor, Mango Passion Fruit Flavor, White Peach Raspberry Flavor), Mengniu Real Fruit Lime Flower Fruit Light Milk Series Bottled Products (Sakura White Peach Flavor, Rose Strawberry Flavor) and printed "Youth Limited Edition" and "Youth with You 3" program official LOGO Mengniu real fruit high-end colorful fruit series boxed products (red grapefruit four seasons spring flavor).

  On May 6th, the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client asked the customer service of the flagship store of Real Fruit Granules, whether the purchase now can help the idols on the list. The other party said that only the new packaging of the two products of the Real Fruit Granules Flower and Fruit Light Milk series can be voted on, and the old and new packages are random. Shipment, but has not received the relevant notification of rankings. The specific voting content is subject to the official release. The high-end colorful fruit series beverages are currently unable to "help".

  On Taobao and Xianyu, some merchants still sell bottle caps and QR codes. A flower and fruit light milk bottle cap sells for 3 to 45 yuan, and you can vote for two.

There is also a "milk collection" business on the e-commerce platform, "receiving real fruit pellets or innocent small waists, and children who just want to drink milk can also invest on their behalf. The price is easy to say."

  The Sino-Singapore Jingwei client found in the Mengniu Zhenguoli flagship store on the e-commerce platform that the two products of the Zhenguoli Flower Fruit Light Milk series and the high-end colorful fruit series Red Pomelo Sijichun Milk Drink are still on sale. They will be on sale during the day on the 6th. The exhausted high-end colorful fruit series of white peach and raspberry milk drinks were relaunched in the early morning of May 7th. 

  As early as February 2020, the "Detailed Rules for the Content Review Standards for Online Variety Shows" clearly stipulated that "the program shall not set up a "spend money to vote" link, and deliberately guide and encourage netizens to take material measures such as shopping and membership membership. Players vote, help".

  On April 29, 2021, the "Anti-Food Waste Law" was officially implemented.

Li Min, a senior partner at Shanghai Hansheng Law Firm, told the Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client that the act of dumping milk in the video violated the "Anti-Food Waste Law". This incident cannot attribute all the responsibility for food waste to the behavior of fans. The manufacturer And the platform party should also bear certain responsibilities in it.

  "This is a publicity and sales behavior for brands to use the influence of celebrities to increase sales. Companies sponsor variety shows, bind entertainment stars, and increase product sales. The platform obtains program funding through corporate sponsorship. Among them, improper marketing between the company and the platform is the cause The root cause of investment and waste behavior.” Li Min said that this incident was apparently through the purchase of milk to obtain a QR code to conduct investment, but the essence is still the platform and the manufacturer through the purchase of milk, in a disguised form of “spending money to buy. vote".

  Regarding the use of food in commercial activities, Li Min called on: "If the activities must use related foods, while ensuring the realization of the activities, the principle of minimum use should be effectively implemented, and the food should be properly implemented according to the actual conditions and functions of the food. The follow-up use of the product to avoid waste."

Whose pocket did the milk "flow" into?

  In 2018, iQiyi's competition and development reality show "Idol Trainee" once became a phenomenon-level variety show, and popularized young artists such as Cai Xukun.

Subsequently, iQiyi launched the first to third seasons of the variety show "Youth with You" in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

  Public information shows that the producers of "Idol Trainees" and "Youth Have You" are iQiyi and Beijing Caviar Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which was established in 2014 with a registered capital of 25.78 million yuan and is a youth entertainment program producer. the company.

The producer of the show is Gong Yu, the CEO of iQiyi, and the chief producer is Jiang Bin, the vice president of iQiyi.

  With the popularity of talent development programs in the market, more and more entertainment companies and sponsors choose to participate.

In addition to the top brokerage companies Lehua Entertainment, Times Fengjun, etc., Wang Sicong's investment in Banana Entertainment, Ali's MCN company Taoxiu Guangying, Huayi Brothers Fashion and other well-known companies have sent their artists to participate in the audition.

  Not only the brokerage company, but the sponsor team is also growing.

Take the third season of "Youth with You" as an example. In addition to Mengniu that provides "milk cards", sponsors also include brands such as Estee Lauder and Shiseido.

  It is understood that the general rules of the drafts from 2018 to the present are similar. Taking the second season of "Youth with You" as an example, 109 contestants started the competition through several rounds of tasks, training and assessment, and at the same time opened fan voting. The top 9 contestants in the final vote can form an idol group debut, so whether for the contestants or fans, voting is the top priority in the show.

  Xiao Li, a "veteran fan" who has voted for several auditions, told the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client that this is not the first time that incidents like "dumping milk" have occurred.

"The ticket code of the previous few years will be included with the packaging of the drink. Even if the'milk card' is taken away, the drink can be stored or given to others; but last year’s "Youth with You" began to print the ticket code on the bottle in the second season. Inside the cap, you have to open the bottle to get the code."

  It is understood that Mengniu Zhenguo Li has been the sponsor of "Youth with You" for three consecutive years. In the links of various merchants, "Qing 3 Voting" has become an important introduction of Mengniu Zhenguo Li.

  In the online flagship store, you can see that there is a prize card in each box of the real fruit granule high-end colorful fruit granule series, 12 bags per box, and the price is 54 yuan per box; the flower and fruit light milk series has two sets in the bottle cap. Dimension code, 10 bottles per box, the price is 69.9 yuan / box.

The product description shows that whether it is a prize card or a QR code, it can be exchanged for aids for supporting players.

  Mengniu stated in its 2020 annual report that the Zhenguo Lian Huaguo Light Milk Series was successfully launched and promoted through the title sponsorship of iQiyi’s "Youth with You 2". During the epidemic period when sales were blocked, Zhenguo Lian achieved growth against the trend. Since then, it has been loved by urban white-collar workers, college students and other consumer groups, and the e-commerce platform has been sold out many times."

  "I have bought a few boxes of drinks for Datou before, and almost all of them are distributed to colleagues and friends. In fact, the purchasing power of fans is also the performance of artists and shows." Xiao Li explained that fans need to rely on artists before they are well-known. "Krypton Gold" proves to the outside world that its idols have "strength", and businesses are well versed in fan psychology, so they plan various activities to attract gold.

  "I don't know whether idols will make their debut, but it is foreseeable that the program groups and sponsors have received high enthusiasm and huge profits." Xinhua News Agency stated in a commentary that the waste problem reflected in "a large amount of milk was poured." Above, program groups, related platforms and enterprises need to take the initiative to shoulder their own social responsibilities.

  On May 5th, Xinhuanet commented that rational star-chasing cannot only appeal to fans, and pointed out that the entertainment industry "is involved in the complex commercial interests of various parties such as platforms, production agencies, and sponsors. To cope with pathological star-chasing, it is no longer possible to call fans rationally. ".

  "As the target of being'chased', celebrities should guide their fans to chase their stars more objectively and rationally. From the perspective of the platform, we should also balance the emotions of fans and not blindly incite fans. At present, some platforms deliberately guide fans It is not advisable to conduct irrational star chasing to obtain more traffic and income. The platform should learn to do something and not do something." Jiang Han, a senior researcher at Pangu Think Tank, said in an interview with the Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client.

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