Illegal trafficking in "laughing gas" deletes data at any time

  News from this newspaper (reporter Wang Peelin, concise reporter) "I plead guilty and plead guilty, and hope that the prosecutors will punish me lightly." A few days ago, the suspect Zhang (a pseudonym) in a case of trafficking in "nitrous oxide" handled by the Dongcheng District Procuratorate in Beijing, He voluntarily pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty, and accepted sentencing recommendations from the prosecutors.

After the trial, the court adopted all the facts, charges, and sentencing recommendations of the procuratorial organ, and sentenced the defendant Zhang to two years and three months in prison for the crime of illegal business operations and a fine of 100,000 yuan.

  Zhang is a hairdresser. Since he was exposed to "nitrous oxide" (nitrous oxide, a dangerous chemical with strong transmission, addiction and harmfulness) in 2019, he found that he was selling "Laughing gas" can make high profits and take the risk. Without obtaining a hazardous chemical business license, "laughing gas" is illegally purchased from the Internet, sold on WeChat Moments, and sent to by express. buyer.

It is understood that most of the buyers identified are college students and even minors.

Every morning is the most "hot" moment for Zhang's business. Through word of mouth from friends, he has become a famous "person" in the "laughing gas" circle, selling nearly a thousand boxes a month.

  In order to cover up the facts of his crimes, Zhang is very cautious and has a strong anti-investigation awareness. He cleans up the WeChat chat records, WeChat friends and sales data stored in his mobile phone every day, and even regularly uninstalls WeChat to destroy evidence.

At the same time, he will always tell the courier who helps deliver the goods to delete the chat history with him, and communicate with his "comrades" how to avoid detection and "leave no trace."

  In January 2020, the Dongcheng Branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau seized several young people who smoked "laughing gas" in a hotel in Dongcheng District. One of them was a high school student.

After confession, the public security agency quickly found Zhang, who confessed to the fact of selling "laughing gas", but never confessed his true sales amount.

  In February 2020, the public security agency asked the prosecutor to approve the arrest of Zhang on suspicion of illegal business operations.

Because Zhang destroyed the relevant evidence, the evidence at the time of the first arrest could not confirm the amount of his illegal operations. The Dongcheng District Procuratorate refused to approve his arrest on the grounds of insufficient evidence, and proposed a detailed guide investigation outline, requesting the public security organs Data extraction and recovery of its mobile phone.

  In November 2020, Zhang was transferred for review and prosecution. After supplementary investigation, the two mobile phones used by Zhang to sell "laughing gas" and the mobile phone of the courier who helped him deliver the electronic data were extracted and restored.

In order to efficiently complete the review of electronic data, prosecutors request technical assistance from prosecutors.

  With the assistance of technical experts, the prosecutor found that the truly valid collection data was hidden in the "deleted" data.

After reviewing relevant data and information, the prosecutor successfully determined Zhang's crime amount from less than 50,000 yuan to more than 500,000 yuan.