"Youth with You 3" was urgently suspended from the audition show. Time to calm

  down. How crazy is the "pushing hand" behind



  On April 29, 2021, the "Anti-Food Waste Law" was officially implemented. On the same day, a fan hired workers to vote for a certain idol talent show. The milk purchased (actually lactic acid bacteria drinks) was unscrewed by the workers. Later, the video that was poured directly into the ditch was circulated on the Internet.

  On the evening of May 4, the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau issued a document ordering iQiyi to suspend the recording of the follow-up program of the third season of "Youth Have You".

In the early morning of May 5, iQiyi responded by saying "sincerely accept and resolutely obey."

It is reported that the third season of "Youth with You" was originally scheduled to be broadcast live on the finals on May 8.

  On the same day, "Youth Have You 3" player Yu Jingtian's company Xingyu Mianle issued a resignation statement via Weibo, saying that Yu Jingtian was unable to continue to participate in related work due to personal physical reasons and decided to withdraw from the current program recording.

Some netizens broke the news that the KTV opened by Yu Jingtian's parents had problems with illegal operations and that Yu Jingtian himself had dual nationality status.

It is understood that Yu Jingtian is a popular player in "Youth Have You 3" and has ranked first on platforms such as program competitions and fan fundraising.

  "Fan sales determine the future of the players"

  The drink involved is a partner of "Youth Have You". The audience can vote for the contestants of the talent show after purchasing, but the QR code must be scanned to vote, and the QR code is in the bottle cap. You can scan the code to vote after opening the bottle.

Therefore, some fans joked that the "votes" for voting were "milk votes."

The yogurt with the lid opened can't be drunk and can only be poured out... the scene that would only appear in the textbook was so absurdly pulled into reality.

  "Milk ticket" is now one of the main marketing methods for online talents.

Advertisers advertise on online idol talent shows in the form of naming, sponsorship, placement, etc., and the program gives the brand voting weight according to the amount of advertising, for example, "2 votes for every bottle of XX water/milk bought", buy one The box can get 48 voting opportunities... in order to achieve the binding of the brand and the players.

Sometimes this kind of marketing is also linked to multiple brands. For example, you have to vote for your favorite brother on the show broadcast platform every day, and then go to the flagship store of the title dealer X Water or X Milk to buy the product, and then go to the other of the show. A platform of advertising providers will like your favorite player and make him more popular...

  2018-the first year of the online talent show represented by "Idol Trainee", this kind of gameplay has created a brilliant record.

The data shows that by binding the amount of fan votes, the online sales of the certain water that named the program at that time increased 500 times.

The brand recognition of the Xiao X Book platform, which attracts popular players, has increased by 148%; a P2P platform that embeds the program also announced that the overall broadcast time of the program has been downloaded and installed by 1.59 million new users. After the launch, the awareness of the entire brand has increased by 322%...

  "The reason why "Idol Trainees" can bring customers tangible sales is because the sales of fans can determine the retention and ranking of the players, and can even determine the life and death and future of the show." Senior marketing department once summarized.

  After 2019, online auditions have risen in an all-round way, and the linkage between the sponsors and the programs has become closer.

According to statistics, in the three seasons of "Youth Have You" and the four seasons of "Youth Creation Camp", the average number of brand launching and IP authorization cooperation customers is 20 per season, which shows the strong ability of idol talent show to attract money.

  A mess of joint harvesting of fan leek

  The fan economy behind the idol draft looks like a "win more" game.

The platform launches players for fans to screen. Fans use money and data to vote for players (mainly money). Fans’ investment determines the player’s gold content. The platform uses money as a touchstone to test the player’s public acceptance for the next step of development. Make a good plan; money has also become the "public opinion" of fans. They use real money to determine who can stand out and become idols seen by the public; brands connect with fans through programs, and on the one hand they feed idols The draft, on the other hand, recoups costs through fans, gains revenue and brand value.

  However, this game eventually evolved into a chaotic game of joint harvesting of fans' leeks.

In order to spend a lot of money on idols who have not yet worked, it is not uncommon for fans to privately "raise funds" to promote idol debuts.

The reasons for raising funds are also diverse, such as buying peripherals, cheering, making statistics, proving the purchasing power of idol fans, and so on.

Although after a few years of development, outsiders have become fatigued with online drafts, the enthusiasm of insiders has not diminished in the slightest.

According to some statistics, in 2018, a certain filed of draft debut players publicly raised more than 40 million yuan.

In 2020, the total amount of funds raised for a certain file is as high as 89 million yuan, and the total amount of fan funds raised by one of the players is more than 14.98 million yuan.

  Relying on the "Goose Crossing Hair Pulling" platform to make a lot of money

  In view of this, in February 2020, the "Detailed Rules for the Content Review Standards for Online Variety Shows" issued clearly stipulates: "There shall be no "spending money to vote" link in the program, deliberately guiding and encouraging netizens to take shopping, membership and other materialization. The means are for the players to vote and help." But from a realistic point of view, it did not prevent the program group from playing sideballs.

  The "milk ticket" problem has become more and more serious today. In addition to pouring milk, it has also led to mutual dumping between fan clubs.

For example, the talent show is generally in the initial stage where fans cast out, which means I have more than ten votes in my hand, but I can only cast 2 votes for my idol. What should I do with the remaining votes?

It is common for fans of the same talent show or even different programs (different programs, the same funder advertiser) to initiate ticket exchanges.

As a result, every year when the voting is closed after the voting deadline, several support clubs will accuse another in the league of scam votes-not only did not vote for other players as promised, but some accounts secretly voted for themselves.

  In addition to the "milk ticket", many new gameplays have emerged.

For example, in addition to the main program, a large number of derivative programs are developed.

The main program does not raise funds or buy tickets, but for the derivative programs, fans can increase the data value of the students by paying for them to gain personal live broadcast opportunities for the students, as well as to fight for additional game rights in the derivative variety show.

And there is no upper limit for the number of recharges and the amount of money.

According to statistics, this year's list of a talent show has just been released for ten minutes, and the first top-up fan invested about 150,000 yuan.

  In addition to the show, trading platforms that specialize in voting for fans also come to share the pie.

On March 14, a certain platform launched a limited-time battle (competition) against four popular contestants from two talent shows. The specific gameplay is that the fans of the four contestants need to compete for the amount of funds raised within 5 hours, highlighting the gold content of their idols .

During the five hours from 18:00 to 23:00, one of the players’ back-ups gathered funds amounting to 3,445,300 yuan, ranking first, and all the players collected 6.71 million yuan in total.

According to the platform description, after the fan group has demonstrated its strength, the funds raised can be directly withdrawn on the platform.

However, please note that there is a handling fee for cash withdrawal. "A 1% handling fee will be charged on the first day of arrival, and 0.86% handling fee will be charged on the tenth day. There is no handling fee for queuing cash, but the specific queuing time shall prevail. ".

And "if you withdraw 1 million to 2 million in a single withdrawal, you can apply for a large withdrawal, which will be credited on the third day."

Relying on the handling fee "Goose Goes Pulling Hair", this kind of platform is alive and well.

  So, where does this huge sum of money flow after withdrawal?

Some supporters said that they would be returned to the fan port, some said that they would be unified management to pave the way for the idol’s debut, and some would run away with money.

This year's contestants' support club for a certain talent show issued a statement saying that because of "too much trust in the data station", some people ran away with 210,000 donations.

Subsequently, all members of the support club except the finance group stepped down collectively, and the official blog of the support club was temporarily taken over by the personnel of the brokerage company.

  Voting chaos, derivative programs "power generation", third-party fund-raising platforms...These are not outside the provisions of the "Internet Variety Show Content Review Standards Rules", are they really not against the regulations?

  Who indulged these ardent fans

  The game planner Feng Ji once published an article sharply criticizing the game development team, saying that the focus of their planning work is not to study how to make the game more fun and richer, "but to study how to make players addicted, make them accustomed to the same party and different differences, and conduct Safer online cash activities (gambling, virtual goods transactions, etc.)".

  Now look at how similar this logic is to the idol talent show.

Fans who are deeply involved in the talent show make their debut for their idols, so why don’t they form gangs and are full of hostility towards competitors’ fans. Most of them are minors, but the "power for love" is often tens of thousands of yuan. Investment.

For them, pouring milk for the QR code on the bottle cap may be just a necessary sacrifice.

  You can use impulse, absurdity, fanaticism to summarize their behavior, but who on earth condoned the behavior of these fanatical fans?

Is there really any point in the debut of idols filled with these irrational behaviors?

  Text/Reporter Zu Weiwei Coordinator/Man Yi