This week begins as it will end - with Luca.

Football commentators would say: This is a circle.

Of course, we from the entertainment industry say: “The Circle of Luca”.

You will surely remember this song pearl from Elton John's soundtrack to Disney's successful musical about Boris Becker: “The Leihen King”.

In any case, Luca opens the casting orgy for Fashion Week in Berlin with the teaser: "We are excited to see what could come".

And since his WhatsApp quota gate we only know one thing for sure: Jens Lehmann is not.

“Fashion” means “mode” in German. I asked Lothar Matthäus beforehand and he asked Thomas Hayo and there is agreement in Paris. Accordingly, in the castings during “Fashion Week”, of course, exactly one customer is looking for a catwalk job. The remaining castings are photo shoots, beauty advertising campaigns and print magazines. The first is for the Eli by Elias Rumelis brand. There are: Yasmin, Romina and Liliana. The three cheer as if they had just got a vaccination appointment. With Biontech. Injected in the arm by Christian Drosten, Thomas Hayo of the virologists.

Name-giver Eli sits in torn jeans and an oversize hoodie in the studio during the selection process and looks like the young professional founders of a hip start-up for the shaving revolution in the intimate area. Or a milk substitute made from recycled Barbie dolls. Yasmin predicts the best chances for the job. She is considered the candidate with the most beautiful legs. Yasmin himself doesn't trust the roast, because the modeling industry has changed: “Sure, everyone thinks my legs are great. But that's not enough these days. If you had asked me 20 years ago “… that would probably not have done much. Yasmin is 19 years old. For everyone with dyscalculia: Yasmin was minus one year old 20 years ago. A so-called existence paradox. You may know from the blockbuster "Back to the Future".By the way: dyscalculia is the technical term for arithmetic weaknesses. Attention! Do not confuse it with kekulé. Most of the time it's also about numbers that don't match, but models are seldom involved.

"Lena was my very first top model and has been an integral part of the GNTM family ever since," announces Heidi Klum (right) her guest judge (left)

Source: ProSieben / Richard Hübner


Math or not, Yasmin is right.

Nice legs are not enough.

Romina gets the job.

Yasmin is professional, takes the rejection away and even finds time to say hello to attitude animator Thomas Hayo: “A curvy model and a small model will be running at this fashion week.

We should appreciate this message! "

Dasha has fewer problems with math. She qualified for the runway job at Kilian Kerner two weeks ago and is starting today for a fitting. Kerner has clear ideas about how Dasha should look in his couture: "The dress is not sexy, it is wicked". Yes exactly. Dasha also looked like this. Fortunately, Kerner is a designer and not a football coach. Otherwise his philosophy would possibly be: The earth is not round, but ball-shaped.

New day New luck.

At the casting for "Nylon" Liliana and Yasmin are once again chosen.

Plus Ashley.

The editor-in-chief who traveled specially is called Turid (or, as Thomas Hayo would say: Two Read) and sends a courageous signal for Angela Merkel's decision to make the lockdown for hairdressers more relaxed: she had Mareike's hairstyle done especially for GNTM.

Two Read is rightly considered the Lady Di of the fashion scene.

Unfortunately, the aspirant trio is less elegant: Ashley forgets two thirds of her outfit, Liliana the bag that goes with it, and Yasmin her skin-colored underwear.

In the end, the bag faux pas weighs the least and Liliana wins the race.

The one-eyed among the concentration blind.


Meanwhile, Soulin, Alex and Luca can prove themselves at the LaLa Berlin fashion label. The founder reveals what she wants from the girls: “I like fractions.” Surprisingly, Liliana is missing from her selection. Already in the early stages of the season she had indicated that she would break legs if necessary. Today only dreams are broken. Specifically from Alex and Luca. Neither of them get the shooting job. LaLa Berlin opts for Soulin. Probably because it's fast. Soulin reveals: "I was in Syria until 11". How she was able to be here at the casting at 2 p.m., only three hours later - amazing. Soulin really shines with new talent week after week.

Another of these is their physical flexibility.

Alex is amazed: "Is she going to a casting or auditioning for Cirque de Solei?" Creative Director Leyla Piedayesh encourages her to keep going.

The floor gymnastics championship finally ends with the wish: “Can you also turn a wheel?” Well, Soulin doesn't make a wheel flip, but a bridge, but sponge over it.

Nevertheless, everyone is enthusiastic.


It's about fashion and not about the Olympic Games for gymnasts.

Alex takes Soulin's renewed victory only to a limited extent and states: "Soulin always loves everything at casting, so sometimes you ask yourself whether there is anything that she doesn't love".

Dear Alex, I am not a clairvoyant, but after the conclusion I will say: yes, you!

After the casting is before the casting!

And how did fashion pope Sepp Herberger say? Exactly: after the casting is before the casting! For Dasha, Yasmin, Romina and Liliana, the next day will continue straight away. How the four stand there, in the desolate conference room of a Berlin hotel, becomes particularly clear how GNTM has gained in diversity over the years, but also lost many large customers. Castings for Gillette Venus on the beach in Malibu used to be the order of the day, but now the girls are enthusiastic about waxing solutions from Andmetics. Framed by woodchip wallpaper. It's a bit like Bayern Munich leaving after nine championship titles in a row and as reigning Champions League winners Manuel Neuer, Robert Lewandowski, Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Müller. And the record champion would replace Klaas Heufer-Umlauf,Atze Schröder, Michael Michalsky, Kurt Krömer and myself present.


To get the job, Dasha, Yasmin, Romina and Liliana have to present their favorite body part.

An unusual procedure.

Especially since it can lead to adult FSK-18 moments.

Dasha decides for her bottom.

Almost FSK 12. The completely enthusiastic Andmetics managing director immediately praised her (attention!) “Positive attitude”.

The job is already taken before it really started: "Dasha will be seen in every shop window of the Müller drugstore chain".

That means, of course, that she cannot actually become “Germany's Next Top Model”.

With over 800 branches, she'll be busy for a while.

Even if she manages two branches a day and works seven days a week, she is on a shop window tour for more than a year.

Soulin presents itself on the catwalk in oversize blazers and print leggings

Source: ProSieben / Richard Hübner

For Romina, the seriousness of Fashion Week begins with her catwalk appearance at Eli by Elias Rumelis.

The redhead from the extended Giovanni Zarrella clan, who has become much more self-assured in the last few weeks, remains sovereign: “If I have a tough walk, nothing can go wrong”.

And that would be good, because going wrong on a catwalk is usually a hindrance to a long-term career as a runway model.

Then GNTM favorite Julian Jansen makes his comeback. AboutYou's content director is a master of transformation. Year after year it presents itself with a different, unmistakable look. In 2021 Jansen discovered the Rúrik Gíslason style and scores with crazy long hairstyle. Unexcused, however, his usual sidekick Bonnie Strange is missing. But Jansen has his new love with him: sustainability. AboutYou is currently trying to become a pioneer in this area. Accordingly, the motto of their Fashion Week show this season is “The End of F **** ng Fashion”. Now you could say that for most of the presented clothes the motto should actually be “The End of F **** ng”, but that would be extremely irrelevant. And anyway.What should "The End of F **** ng Fashion" mean? Never again sex for people from the fashion scene? That would be the end of every fashion fair.

To underline the special claim to sustainable and exemplary work, AboutYou presents rapper Loredana as a star guest.

She likes to pose in real fur on her Instagram account.

Which means, for example, that it has the sustainability factor of a Russian coal-fired power plant.

From a moral and philosophical point of view, she could also cut up baby seals live on TikTok with a chainsaw.

After a confession and extensive payments to the injured party, Loredana was able to narrowly avoid being convicted in court proceedings involving fraud, extortion, coercion, threats and around 640,000 euros.

The End of F **** ng Morality.

Three weeks before the final, Heidi Klum sends her last eight top model candidates to auditions in Berlin

Source: ProSieben / Richard Hübner

There is a little less than 640,000 euros for a model booking with AboutYou.

But none of the candidates have to go to the casting beforehand.

Despite the pandemic, there are so many people in the Berlin power plant for the fashion sustainability project anyway that the eight girls from the ProSieben Academy for young influencers no longer matter.

Crowds, many without masks and nowhere Karl Lauterbach.

Before you get the impression that AboutYou are the lateral thinkers of the fashion industry: Wrong.

You can see that from the fact that no hundreds of police are needed to beat annoying counter-demonstrators (Zalando?) Out of the way.

And what else was going on?

In addition to Julian Jansen, Heidi Klum is also personally on site for the first time this week. Corona prevention is almost as important to her as sustainability is to AboutYou. To be on the safe side, instead of wearing an FFP2 mask, she consistently wears an old glitter slip with rhinestone pearls, which she probably found in her husband's groupie trophy cupboard. Full of euphoria, she announces that the fashion film from sustainability world champion AboutYou that is being made today would “go viral”. That's the beauty of viral clips: you always know they'll go viral. Like with lottery numbers.

As the highlight of the week, guest juror Lena Gercke attests to Soulin that she would have been “unsure” during the walk.

For Soulin's facial expression at that moment, Soulin's opponent Linda, who was canceled weeks ago, would probably have sold her own mother.

Gercke also gives a job to celebrate the day.

Alex receives the runway contract for Lena's own show on her label “LeGer”.

Dasha: "I love my body the way it is. I just feel good and I want to convey that to the outside world."

Source: ProSieben / Richard Hübner


Unfortunately, that will not be the final decision.

Fashion is also mathematics - and Luca is the only one who hasn't been able to secure a single job.

So your journey ends today.

All seven fellow campaigners and a large part of the audience are saddened.

Actually, the only one who is happy about her departure is Smudo: Finally there is a Luca who breaks in shortly before the finish line.

I'll tell you how the darn last seven will do in the coming week here next Friday.

See you!

Source: Tristar Media / Getty Images

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