Rapper Kidd Wes claims that

Childish Gambino

's hit

This Is America is

a copy of his own song

Made In America

and is therefore taking Gambino to court, writes


Kidd Wes released his song in 2016, two years before the release of Gambino's

This is America


According to the rapper, the content and structure of the choruses of the songs are identical.

In the court documents you can read how Kidd Wes hired a musicologist to compare the two songs.

He concluded that 'the similarities in the two songs are probably no coincidence'.

Donald Glover, as Childish Gambino is really called, has not yet responded to the claims.

This Is America

became a big hit two years ago, partly because of the video clip for the song.

It depicts gun violence in the United States and police violence against African Americans.

In 2019 the song made history by being the first rap song to win the Grammy for Song of the Year.