A 3.5-meter-long "Reticulated Python" that had been kept as a pet escaped from an apartment in Yokohama, and police searched the area on the 7th, but could not find it.

I will continue to search on the 8th.

According to the police, the one who escaped was a yellow "Reticulated python" that was bred as a pet in an apartment in Nase-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama, and weighs about 10 kilograms. I searched.

No snakes were found, but the search was terminated at 3 pm as it began to rain.

According to the investigation so far, the snake was raised by a male office worker in his twenties, who went to work on the morning of the 6th and returned home around 9 pm, and the snake was gone. ..

Four years ago, with the permission of Yokohama City, I kept snakes in a glass case, but when I got home, the sliding door of the case was open and the window of the room was also open. ..

The man said, "I opened the window of the room for ventilation and went out," and police are investigating the situation where the snake escaped and will continue to search for it on the 8th.

Reticulated pythons are not poisonous, but they have a very strong tightening power and can wrap around people and cause death.

Expert "It's not ferocious, but if you try to touch it, you may get caught up"

According to Associate Professor Satoshi Mori of the Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, who studies snake behavior, the Reticulated python is a snake that originally inhabits hot regions such as Southeast Asia, and actively behaves in the climate of Japan during this period. It's hard to think of what to do.

Also, because of its nocturnal nature, it is mainly active at night, and in many cases it does not move in dark and damp places such as shades of trees and holes during the day.

However, if your appetite increases, you cannot deny the risk of attacking and eating relatively small dogs and cats kept in the garden or biting people.

Associate Professor Mori said, "Basically, it is not a ferocious snake that attacks you, but if you try to touch it, you may be bitten or caught. If you find it, do not approach it unnecessarily and call the police. I want you to do it. "