• Jupiter's Legacy

     is Netflix's new superhero series.

  • Jupiter's Legacy

     follows the adventures of a family of superheroes over a hundred years and two generations.

  • The generational conflict at the heart of the series

    pits omnipotent baby boomers against disillusioned millennials.

The pantyhose industry is not about to go bankrupt as there are so many superheroes on the screens. After the phenomenon



Falcon and the Winter Soldier

, Disney + has already announced no less than ten Marvel series. After

Superman & Lois

, Arrow's shared universe will also expand further on The CW with


. HBO Max has ordered several DC Comics productions, including the highly anticipated


with John Cena, spin-off of

The Suicide Squad


Green Lantern

. Amazon Prime Video stands out with its iconoclasts

The Boys

and the animated series


And Netflix, the leader in streaming, is no exception.


The Umbrella Academy,




, the Los Gatos platform is launching

Jupiter's Legacy

this Friday

, a new superheroic series in eight episodes adapted from the comics by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely of the same name, published for the first time in 2013 At a time when we are bordering on superhero overdose,

Jupiter's Legacy

succeeds in pulling out of the game by staging a conflict of generations.

A story that spans a hundred years

Jupiter's Legacy

follows the adventures of Sheldon Sampson (Josh Duhamel), aka Utopian, a Superman-like at the head of the Union, an organization formed by the six most powerful superheroes in the world whose mission is to protect the super-villain humanity in the early 1930s. “With these books, my one and only ambition was to create the greatest and best superhero story of all time. A big and standalone

Lord of the Rings


Game of Thrones

with superheroes, ”says Mark Millar in the production notes.

The adventures of

Jupiter's Legacy

take place over a hundred years and two different timelines.

Nowadays, the series takes on the appearance of a family drama within a superfamily.

“You don't see a lot of superhero stories about men or women with kids.

You never see Superman, Batman, or Spiderman feeding a baby late at night.

I wondered what it would be like if someone as cool as Superman married someone as great as Wonder Woman and they had a family, ”he continues.

The famous Utopian and his wife, Grace aka Lady Liberty (Leslie Bibb), parents of two young adults, wish to pass the torch.

A drama within a superfamily

But Brandon, aka Paragon, and Chloe (Andrew Horton and Elena Kampouris), descendants of the Sampsons, are not really inclined to take on this heritage and somehow endure their parents' expectations. If Brandon has chosen to embrace the career of savior of mankind, he does not feel up to his illustrious predecessors. For her part, Chloe refuses to take the cloak because she felt neglected throughout her childhood by parents too absorbed in their homework. “It's not about catching bank robbers or fighting a three-act evil scientist. These are children who have never asked for these powers and want to fend for themselves. », Comments Mark Millar.

On the old side, the atmosphere is not good. Sheldon and his brother Walter, aka Brainwave (Ben Daniels), disagree over the use of their powers in society and the future of the Union. "It is also about parents who look at the world they were supposed to save and see it more in disorder than ever", abounds the creator of the comics.

In parallel,

Jupiter's Legacy

tells the

origin story

of the founding members of the Union which begins in 1929, when an unprecedented economic crisis hits America, and we discover how Sheldon Sampson, his acolytes acquired their superpowers .

"When I wrote the comic in 2012, I was fascinated by the fact that the world is recovering from the financial crisis of 2008 and I drew parallels between this crisis and the Crash of 1929", says Mark. Millar.

An inevitable conflict of generations

Of particular interest is the

generational conflict at the heart of

Jupiter's Legacy

, which pits omnipotent baby boomers against disillusioned millennials. The series portrays a young generation in need of hope, which lapses into cynicism, excesses and exploits an undeserved fame. On the other, that of an older generation, at the time of the assessment, which questions the ideals of its youth.

The series explores the classic topic of superhero responsibility through two prisms, the intimate one of the transmission of values ​​within the family, and the more political one of the common good.

Utopian is the embodiment of the American dream.

After the crisis of 1929, he dreamed of saving America.

Nowadays, he looks with regret at his life and his failures: he has been an absent father and America is still riddled with problems.


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