Recently, topics such as "Chinese textbooks are getting more and more difficult, students want to let go", "college entrance examination Chinese question types are adjusted, or 15% of candidates are eliminated" and other topics have appeared on the Internet again.

Wen Rumin, the editor-in-chief of Chinese textbooks for primary and secondary schools, responded that: Generally speaking, the number of ancient poems and essays has increased moderately, but not by a large margin; the textbooks of Chinese in primary and secondary schools are generally more difficult than previous textbooks, or the coverage of text types. Wider.

The amount of reading has increased, but the requirements for rote memorization have decreased.

Nowadays, it is mainly parents who complain about the difficulty of teaching materials, especially the parents of elementary school students. What I want to remind parents is that primary school focuses on cultivating children’s learning habits and interest in learning.

The potential of children is endless. As long as they are interested, they will not delay and will not find it difficult to learn.

"I am not the person who set the Chinese test paper for the college entrance examination, and I do not participate in the preparation of the college entrance examination. I just told the fact that according to the survey, about 15% of the candidates can not finish the paper every year. The college entrance examination is a selective examination, and 15% of them It's normal to not finish it," he said.

(Producing Wang Jiayi)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】