The whole world watched with frozenness ... no, not how the ashes of the covid ones were washed into the Ganges River, not even the flight of a helicopter model on Mars.

And even for the prices of Scotch whiskey - it's not too big either.

The whole world, in my opinion, was doing complete crap - it was waiting for old Trump to be banned from Facebook or not. 

Denying Trump the ability to reach out to his 35 million Facebook followers and 24 million Instagram followers has drawn criticism from the tech company for being biased against conservatives - a claim many on the right have made over the years.

In principle, the time for the degradation of societies has decreased along with the period of uninterrupted operation of Mercedes engines and has reached a speed that can be achieved only by the purchase of aluminum foil in the places where 5G towers are installed.

I still remember that social discussion of Facebook posts seemed incredibly stupid. 

And now we have reached the incredible - electric letters written in social networks by millions of bald macaques are changing the lives of these very macaques.

So much so that it ricochets normal, bipedal people.

Well, social networks have already, without equivocation, proceeded to what they are intended for - to play everyone against everyone.

Without any judgment, because the winners are not judged.

So the expectations of who was collecting whom - the former US president or the Zuckerberg's office - were absolutely meaningless.

It was clear in advance that Trump is a sacred victim and he must be deplanted.

"If Twitter, then forever, if the wounds, then big."

Of course, by all standards, this is all a scandal.

The President of the United States is a mindless computer scientist in sweatpants who writes about the chipping of the world's population by Gates himself.

In fact, D. Trump is a politician of such a level that it is impossible to approach him and his texts with the same kitchen standards.

In a normal world.

In the world of the victorious Zuckerberg, in turn, anything is possible.

It was social networks that destroyed such a concept as truth.

No need to laugh - I heard with my own ears how the presenter girl from "Echo of Moscow" told that now there is no truth and everyone has their own.

It will be necessary to borrow money from her, by the way, at least ten thousand, in order to explain later that within the framework of my truth no one owes anyone.

And see how she squeals.

Politicians also have their own truth.

And in this, Donald Trump is no different either from Angela Merkel, or from the Canadian Trudeau.

Although, as you know, there is no such country as Canada.

They told me about it in South Park.

By the way, the source is no better or worse than social media.

The same respectable and accurate. 

When one politician is gagged, while everyone else continues to talk nonsense more harmful than ever, some strange thing happens.

It is called political bias.

If not to say aggression.

If not to say the war.

The owners of social networks began to allow themselves too much: Durov, for example, even set-in sleeves and patch pockets. For the 40th consecutive year, the democratically elected Nancy Pelosi applauds the unelected Zuckerberg. He is doing gloriously for the democratic values ​​of the Democratic Party. And the owner of Twitter in general has been wrapped up for a long time, covered in medals from grateful Democrats. He started first and came to success. 

All of this is becoming more and more mocking.

As Professor Yevgeny Kogan writes in his Telegram channel, “an interesting fact: the supervisory board of FB questioned the fact of the indefinite blocking.

The largest social network will review the Trump case again in six months.

Politics (the lover of all social networks) is kept on a kind of hook.

Will it behave well?

Get access back.

Will start to misbehave?

The ban will be extended again. "

Sadly, many "researchers" and "civil rights groups" have argued that Facebook was right to ban Trump because of his efforts to undermine elections and encourage violence.

And not only because now these "defenders of civil rights" are a cross between a guard and a standartenfuehrer.

After all, we now clearly understand that if the Democrats had not received power, they, having become adept at taking the pogromous Antifa and BLM gangs to the streets, would have taken even more people out onto the streets, shouting at all of Facebook and pointing out their targets.

And no Facebook would even fumble, but on the contrary, would only encourage these calls.

Because the last battle of good with neutrality has come.

Or how was it recently in Russia?

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