Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture, has decided to cancel the cooperation agreement with the cosmetics company "DHC", saying that the text about Koreans living in Japan posted on the website is "not allowed because it promotes discrimination". I decided.

In 2017, Nankoku City signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with DHC to cooperate in promoting the health of citizens and revitalizing local industries, and has held events calling for the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.

According to Nankoku City, the city explained and responded to the company after DHC criticized the text about Koreans living in Japan posted on its website last year as "discriminatory expression". I was looking for it.

In response to this, the company responded that it would not respond, so Nankoku City decided to cancel the agreement, saying that "text promotes discrimination and is not allowed", and notified the company last month. That is.

Deputy Mayor Isao Murata of Nankoku City said, "The text published by DHC is not allowed because it promotes discrimination against a specific ethnic group. The city has decided that it is impossible to continue the agreement unless there is a response such as correction. ".

On the other hand, "DHC" responded to NHK's interview that "Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture has decided to cancel the comprehensive agreement, so we have no comment."