Guus Meeuwis departs

from Eindhoven to Rotterdam

with his concert series

Groots with a soft G.

On 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 November the series will take place this year in Rotterdam Ahoy.

Meeuwis says on Instagram that it is still too early for a concert series on the earlier dates in June in the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven, given the development of the corona crisis.

It is the first time in the fifteen-year history of the series that it has been diverted to another location.

The concert series was previously held in the Abe Lenstra Stadium in Heerenveen, but that was in addition to the concerts in Eindhoven, not as a replacement.

The option to skip another year was not acceptable for Meeuwis, the singer explains: "I just feel like a party. You are looking forward to a party. The anniversary must be celebrated. You have to get out once. And I'm just really looking forward to it. "

Meeuwis does not consider

that the public will have a roof over their head for the first time during

Groots met a Soft G

: "That roof can then be removed."

Visitors who already have a card for one or more dates in June can convert it to a date in November.