China News Service, Beijing, May 6 (Chen Hang) The official Weibo of the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Bureau reported on the 6th that the strong wind and sandy weather at 11 o'clock has affected the mountainous areas in western Beijing, and the visibility of Yanqing and Mentougou Zhaitang has dropped to 7 to 8 kilometers. In the next two hours, the windy and sandy weather will affect the entire city of Beijing.

Short-term PM10 concentration will reach severe pollution

  The official official account of the Beijing Municipal Ecological Environment Monitoring Center reported on the 6th that the dust front has been transmitted to the northwestern part of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. It is expected that Beijing will be significantly affected by external dust from around noon to night today, and the PM10 concentration will reach a short-term Heavy pollution.

  According to the Beijing Municipal Ecological and Environmental Monitoring Center, yesterday, under the influence of strong winds, sand began to rise rapidly in the sand source of southern Mongolia, and it was driven by cold air to the north of my country.

The PM10 concentration in some cities in Ningxia and southern Inner Mongolia exceeded 1,000 micrograms/m3.

From last night to this morning, Beijing was controlled by the bottom of the low-pressure system, and the diffusion conditions were generally good, and the air quality maintained a good level of level 2.

  How windy weather will be in the next few days

  According to the Meteorological Department, recently, the cold air in the middle and high latitudes of Eurasia is active and continues to move south. Affected by it, there will be strong windy weather in Beijing from 6 to 8 days, and it is currently in the early warning signal of strong wind yellow and sand dust blue.

  From noon to evening on the 6th, the wind was at its maximum during this process, accompanied by sand and dust weather. There were northerly winds at level 5 and gusts up to levels 8 and 9, which were close to the historical extreme value of the same period (22.8 m/s, May 2010). May 5); when the dust affects Beijing, the minimum visibility is about 5 kilometers, and the dust gradually weakens around 20 o'clock.

  The wind weakened slightly after night on the 6th, but from the night of the 6th to the 7th there were still northerly winds of magnitude 4 and 5, with gusts of around magnitude 7; on the 8th, it was again affected by the cold air from the morning to the day, with a magnitude of northerly winds of around 4 magnitude. , The windy weather process at night on the 8th ended.

  The Meteorological Department stated that there were strong winds and sandy weather from noon to evening on the 6th. Please reduce outdoor activities as much as possible. If you need to go out, please pay attention to safety and take good health protection. After going out, you should wash your face and nasal cavity.

In recent days, there are strong winds and dry objects. Please pay attention to wind and fire. It is strictly forbidden to use fire in the wild to avoid fire; stay away from tall buildings, billboards, and temporary structures, and beware of falling objects from high altitudes.