A wallet made from exotic fish, black bass, and aquatic plants that grow in large numbers in Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture, has been commercialized and is attracting attention as a new way to utilize troublesome things.

In Lake Biwa, black bass, an exotic fish that eats endemic fish and disturbs the ecosystem, and aquatic plants that grow in large numbers from spring to autumn are problems.

The new product is made from these two troublesome things, and after being used as an ingredient in restaurants, the skin of black bass is dyed with powdered aquatic plants and reborn into seven types of leather products such as wallets and key cases.

All products have a gentle beige color reminiscent of dead grass, and you can enjoy the scale pattern of fish that is not the same as one.

The aquatic plant powder used was developed by a company in the prefecture with the support of the prefecture, and its use is expanding, such as coloring glass products.

Governor Mikazuki of Shiga Prefecture said, "We have found new value in troublesome things. We will continue to support various challenges so that they can be effectively used as local resources."

Black bass leather products range from 7,700 yen to 52,800 yen and are on sale at stores in Konan City and Osaka City, Shiga Prefecture from the end of this month.