Ferme Factory: the Senegalese reality TV show that makes you want to grow crops

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The Farm Factory.

© Willy photography, from the Factory farm

By: Anne-Cécile Bras Follow

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Ferme Factory

 is a reality TV show to encourage young Senegalese to turn to agriculture.

No rhinestones or glitter: 20 candidates, two teams and four months of hard work in the fields with one goal, to become a farmer.

All under the watchful eye of the cameras.

Season 2 will be broadcast from May 23, 2021 on RTS1, the leading Senegalese public television channel.



- Ousmane Faye

, producer and creator of 

Ferme Factory

- Mamadou Soumare

, winner of season 1 who now takes care of the agro-farm in the Tiep region

- Houley Kane

, candidate for season 2

- Malick Bâ

, communications officer for


, the National Agency for Integration and Agricultural Development which supports young people 

- François Gemenne

, researcher specializing in migration and climate, who has just published 

On a tous un ami noir

 chez Fayard. 

Also to listen:

Senegal: reality TV in the service of agriculture.


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