LCP broadcasts Thursday evening Ilan Teboul's documentary "Hear you in our countryside", a film on the precariousness of rural youth.

The director explains to the microphone of "Culture Médias" what interested and particularly touched in the course of the young people, isolated socially and geographically, that he followed.

They do not roar like fierce soldiers, but are silent like a forgotten youth and far from everything.

With his documentary

Do you hear in our countryside

, Ilan Teboul highlights the precarious situation of rural youth and gives them a voice.

His film airs Thursday night on LCP.

Ilan Teboul followed young people, aged 17 to 20, in Alsace.

He follows them to a local mission, that of Molsheim, the town closest to where they live.

These young people come to participate, among other things, in collective workshops.

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Give voice to forgotten youth

For the director, this group effect is essential. "Some have not left their room for almost a year. The day they arrive for the first collective workshop, the modesty is palpable. Speaking is very complicated for them", explains Ilan Teboul. "They brighten up as they go along, and it was very moving for me to get them back into society and reintegrate into the national narrative."

And these workshops sometimes lead to very intimate confidences about their life, which the director has been able to capture by being forgotten. The documentary has no voiceover, only young people express themselves. "I wanted to really give them a voice and make me forget. Having their confidence was not so difficult, but there was initially a lot of mistrust. They did not always understand what I was doing", specifies the director. . "The experience was so intense for them that he quickly forgot that I was there". Ilan Teboul's documentary

Do you hear in our campaigns

airs Thursday evening at 8:30 p.m. on LCP.