[Look at China along the highway] Aerial photography of Yili Guozigou Bridge: The first high bridge in Xinjiang is magnificent

  The Guozigou Bridge in Yili, Xinjiang, this bridge built on the canyon rises into the sky from huge mountains and crosses the mountains. Its majestic beauty and natural beauty are worthy of being a beautiful landscape in Ili.

  Guozigou is the natural gateway to the Yili area. It is a well-known canyon channel that goes north to Sailimu Lake and south to Ili River Valley.

The Guozigou Bridge is a landmark building on the Saiguo Expressway, connecting Lianyungang in the east and Horgos Port in the west. It is one of the important components on the Lianhuo Expressway and an important livelihood project in Xinjiang.

  The bridge has a total length of 700 meters, and the bridge deck is 200 meters above the bottom of the valley. It is the first cable-stayed bridge and the first high bridge on Xinjiang highway, and it is also the first cable-stayed bridge with double-tower and double-cable-plane steel truss girder on highway in China.

  The completion of the Guozigou Bridge has solved the problem of travel difficulties in the Ili River Valley and enabled Ili Prefecture to reach Urumqi all-weather, which is of great significance to the stability and economic development of the border areas.

  (Li Mingfei, Liu Xin produced by Zhao Yamin)

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]