In response to a series of cases where shift workers who are on leave due to the effects of the new coronavirus are not paid the leave allowance, the labor union requests the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to oblige companies to pay. Did.

According to the Labor Standards Law, if a worker is taken off due to the company's circumstances, the company is obliged to pay a leave allowance according to the prescribed number of working days that the worker was supposed to work.

However, for those who work in a shift system that decides work days at regular intervals, the prescribed number of working days is often vaguely stated in the contract with the employer, so there are many cases where the leave allowance is not paid. It has been pointed out that it is.

For this reason, the labor union "Metropolitan area youth union" made up of people who work in non-regular employment submitted a request to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on the 6th.

In the request form, companies should be obliged to pay leave allowances to those who work in shifts through law revisions, etc., according to their past work performance, and to write the minimum guaranteed working hours in the contract. I'm looking for.

A person in charge of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare replied, "I am aware of the problem, but it is difficult to amend the law at this stage. First, I would like to examine the systems of other countries and consider what kind of countermeasures there are." ..

Hitoki Harada, executive chairman of the "Metropolitan area youth union" who finished the request, said, "The weak position of shift workers has been highlighted by the corona wreck. I want to continue to raise my voice as to whether I should do it. "