Chinanews client, Beijing, May 6th (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) Following the "strongest Spring Festival file" and "the strongest Qingming file", the box office of the 51st film also hit a new high.

The total box office exceeded 1.6 billion, breaking the 51 box office, number of attendance, and number of times the three film history records and continued to refresh.

  But "the most crowded 51st gear in history" did not usher in the expected fierce competition, the film box office gap is not large, and the reputation is also uneven.

There is no hot style, the head effect is not obvious, or it will become the key word of the May 1st movie this year.

Lighthouse Pro data

The total box office of the 51st stall broke a record but fell short of expectations?

  From the perspective of the box office over the years, although the 51st stall is not as popular as the National Day stalls and summer stalls, it can be regarded as a large stall among the small stalls. The total box office in 2018 and 2019 is in the order of 1 billion to 1.5 billion.

According to the report of the Lighthouse Research Institute, from 2016 to 2019, the box office of the 51st tier has risen steadily. In the past two years, the average daily box office has exceeded 300 million. In 2021, the five-day scale of the 51st tier is expected to be no less than 1.8 billion.

  Looking at the current figures, the box office of the 51st tier this year has shown steady growth.

The first is the total box office. As of 12:25:34 pm on May 5th, the total box office of the 51st box in 2021 exceeded 1.527 billion, breaking the highest record of box office, attendance, and performance in the 51st box office and continued to refresh it, of which the total attendance was 40.342 million. , The total number of games was 2,253,100.

As of 16:30 on May 5, the total box office of the 51st tranche has exceeded 1.6 billion yuan.

  According to industry analysts, this year is the first five-day holiday, which physically extends the time dimension of the schedule. It stands to reason that the schedule capacity will be expanded to a certain extent.

However, judging from the current situation, it may be somewhat difficult to exceed the 1.8 billion box office forecast.

In addition to the movie itself, intensive vacations also have a certain impact on the movie market.

Lighthouse Pro data

  Specific to the one-day performance in the 51st gear, the audience's enthusiasm for watching movies was the highest on the first day of the holiday.

According to data from the Beacon Professional Edition, the box office on the first day of May 1st in 2021 exceeded 440 million, with 11.5758 million viewers and 473,200 shows, making it the second-largest box office on the first day of May 1st in Chinese film history (after 600 million in 2019).

  The single-day box office for the next three days was also close to the average daily box office of the 51st gear in the previous years. From May 2 to May 4, the single-day box office was 377 million, 335 million, and 297 million, respectively.

Judging from the box office of the first four days, the final average daily box office may be between 2018 and 2019.

According to the report of the Lighthouse Research Institute, the average daily box office of the 51st tier in 2019 was 380 million, 340 million in 2018, and 260 million in 2017.

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The box office championship fight: who is the hot money?

  Since last year, the domestic film market has become more and more "watching festivals and eating".

This has also made this year’s squeeze more and more common. The 51st gear is also known as the "most squeezed 51st gear in history". There are 13 new films alone, including "Your Wedding", "Above the Cliff", and "Secret Visitors". "Dynasty Warriors", "Sunshine Robbers", "Sweeping Darkness and Decisive Battle", "Chasing the Tiger and Catching the Dragon", "Searching for the Han" and so on.

  Love, suspense, action, and animation have also become the main types of this year's 51st gear.

Among the many new films, "Your Wedding" performed the best in pre-sales. The box office on the first day of its release exceeded 100 million yuan, becoming the second largest box office on the debut day of the 51st film in Chinese Film History.

Regardless of the number of films in the queue or the number of people you want to watch, "Your Wedding" is the champion candidate for the May 1st film this year.

"Your Wedding" poster

  Romance movies have always been the main force of the 51st file. "The Later Us" and "The Love Letter from Beijing to Seattle" were the box office champions of that period.

According to the analysis by Mu Chen, Dean of the Lighthouse Research Institute of Ali Pictures, the 51st file in recent years is actually a feature of love and action suspense alternately from the perspective of genre distribution. In terms of audience type, the core audience of romance films is larger than Suspenseful spy movie.

However, whether a romance film is popular, in addition to the sweet elements of love, whether it can make the audience empathize and produce a strong emotional release is an important weight for a romance film to make a high reputation and high ticket property.

  The story of "Your Wedding" is not complicated, it tells the love entanglement of a couple spanning 15 years.

The description of first love and broken love in the movie resonated with many netizens. Some people called it the mainland version of "The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years."

However, the character and cliché plot of the hero in the film also caused controversy. His Douban score was only 5.2 points.

Affected by this, the subsequent box office growth of the film is also slightly weak.

As of 16:30 on May 5, the cumulative box office of "Your Wedding" has exceeded 630 million yuan. Not surprisingly, it will be the 51st box office champion this year.

Lighthouse Pro data

  Although Zhang Yimou’s "Above the Cliff" lags behind and has a cumulative box office of more than 540 million yuan, from the perspective of the single-day box office trend, "Your Wedding" has shown a downward trend since May 1, while "Above the Cliff" has increased. Trend, the final box office of "Above the Cliff" may be overtaken.

  In the early pre-sale, "Above the Cliff" has been ranked second.

On May 3, "Above the Cliff" achieved a box office counterattack with word-of-mouth (douban 7.7 points), and the real-time single-day box office surpassed "Your Wedding" to reach the top spot, and also became the top box office list in the mainland of the week.

"Secret Visitor" poster

  This has once again confirmed the "word-of-mouth effect" of the film market.

However, compared with previous years, this year's 51st gear does not have a big explosion.

At present, the 51st file of "Your Wedding" contributes nearly 40% of the box office, "Above the Cliff" has more than 30%, and "Secret Visitor", "Chasing the Tiger and Catching the Dragon" and "Sweeping the Darkness and Decisive Battle" contribute between 6% and 12% of the box office. Compared with a film that contributed more than 50% of the box office in previous years, the head effect is not obvious.

  This may also be related to word of mouth. With the exception of "Above the Cliff", the scores of the rest of the movies on Douban are around 5 or 6, with higher scores such as "Searching for Han" and 6.6 points in "Sweeping the Darkness: Decisive Battle". Others are less than 6 points, "Sunshine Robber" only 4.4 points.

  In terms of the cast, the 51st gear this year is a gathering of big names, and the reviews are generally good.

Whether it is Zhang Yi, Yu Hewei of "On the Cliff", Guo Fucheng, Duan Yihong, and Zhang Zifeng of "The Secret Visitor", or Zhang Songwen of "Sweeping the Darkness", the performance of the actors can be called "fairy fight".

However, a good movie requires not only good actors, but also good scripts and productions.

Movie poster

  It is worth noting that the number of imported films this year has dropped significantly.

Of the 10 films with a box office of over 1 billion from 2020 to 2021, only one is an introduction.

At the end of May, there will be a number of movies released. The most popular one is "Fast and Furious 9", which currently ranks first on the list of people who want to watch within a week.

In addition, there are romance films "I Want Us Together" and "Doraemon: Walk with Me", etc. Compared to March and April, the theaters in May should not be so deserted.

  According to Mu Chen, Dean of the Lighthouse Research Institute of Ali Pictures, the 51st gear will definitely boost the confidence of the industry, but how to increase the diversification of content supply and increase audiences’ interest in going into the cinema will still be the whole industry in the next half year Important issues that need to be considered and taken seriously.