The "Blind Pet Box" incident at a branch of Zhongtong Express in Chengdu continued: postal regulatory authorities are investigating

  The "Blind Pet Box" incident in Chengdu Hehuachi Zhongtong Express outlets has recently attracted attention.

  On May 5, The Paper learned from caring people who participated in the rescue of animals that, after testing, of the more than 160 cats and dogs discovered on the evening of May 3, a total of 7 animals were found to be infected with animal-infected viruses, and 2 were suspected of being infected. , The complete test results can be obtained as soon as 6 days, and the "adoption" will be made public in the future.

  Merchants near the express outlets involved told Peng Paper that this might not be the first time that the outlets delivered cats and dogs.

A nearby merchant said that the express outlet probably moved here in the second half of 2020. I have seen this outlet transport cats and dogs before, mostly at night.

  On the same day, the staff on duty in the Chengdu Post Administration Office told The Paper that they have stepped in to deal with the matter and are investigating the details of the “Zhongtong Express lotus pond outlets transporting live animals”.

  According to previous reports from Upstream News, on May 3, the “volunteers” of the Chengdu Love Home Animal Rescue Center found more than 160 cats and dogs packed at the Zhongtong express outlet in Hehuachi, Jinniu District, Chengdu, which was about to be treated as ordinary goods. Shipped to other places, but Zhongtong Express and the shipper did not produce the relevant cat and dog quarantine certificate at that time.

The courier form for the delivery of cats and dogs shows that the items to be transported are mostly rare breeds such as mixed-breed border herdsmen and mixed-breed blue cats, but the boxes are actually ordinary native dogs and native cats, which are suspected to be "blind pet boxes".

  The local police and agricultural departments subsequently stepped in.

On May 4, these cats and dogs were transferred to the Shibantan Pet City of Chengdu for temporary resettlement. Staff from relevant departments arrived at the resettlement site to conduct inspection and quarantine of the cats and dogs.

On May 5, Chen Yunlian, the head of the Chengdu Love Home Animal Rescue Center, told The Paper that at present, after testing by volunteer doctors, 6 dogs have been found to be infected with parvovirus and 1 dog has been infected. Plague virus, 2 dogs are suspected of being infected with parvovirus, and all the sick dogs have been quarantined.

  Chen Yunlian said that after the test results are fully available on May 6, after completing the relevant procedures, the sick cats and dogs will be sent to the hospital for treatment, and the healthy ones will be "taken back to the home of love", and they will be adopted publicly in the future.

  Regarding this matter, on the evening of May 4, Zhongtong Express notified that these live animals were sold online by e-commerce customers on the platform, and Zhongtong Express's Chengdu Hehuachi branch illegally collected collections.

Since May 5th, the Chengdu Hehuachi branch of ZTO Express has suspended the express delivery service, conducted a comprehensive self-inspection, and cooperated with the investigation of relevant departments. At the same time, the head of the delivery safety of the Sichuan Management Center of ZTO Express suspended the inspection, deducting the whole year performance bonus.

  On the morning of May 5, at the site of the Zhongtong express delivery outlet in Hehuachi, Jinniu District, Chengdu, The Paper noted that there were still many couriers working in the outlet involved.

A staff member said that they will close the business after the delivery of the existing courier.

  Chen Yunlian believes that Zhongtong Express said that the delivery of live animals was an accident, but according to their understanding, the express outlets involved had long accepted live animals for express delivery.

A merchant near the express outlet said that the express outlet was probably moved in the second half of 2020. They have seen this outlet transport cats and dogs, mostly at night.

The staff of a nearby community also confirmed that they could see the outlets transporting cats and dogs during the night shift. The specific number and frequency are not clear.

Another merchant said that they have seen cats and dogs running out of express outlets, sometimes to the door of nearby shops to excrete, "(merchants) will drive kittens and puppies back to the express outlets, where are these cats and dogs now? We don’t know either."

  On May 5, the staff on duty at the Chengdu Post Administration Office told The Paper that the department had stepped in to deal with the matter on May 4, and the relevant details are currently under investigation and the results will be notified as soon as possible.

  The Paper Journalist He Liquan