Jeong In-sun said a regrettable goodbye.

At SBS'Alley Restaurant', which aired on the 5th, the last solution for the alley commercial area in Oryu-dong, Guro-gu was in progress.

In the broadcast that day, Baek Jong-won faced an unexpected problem with the potato ongsim-i house in Oryu-dong. The taste at the time of the first inspection and the recent taste has changed. So, Baek Jong-won visited the potato Ongsim-i's house and chatted with the boss.

In addition, he came up with a solution by grasping the problem that the texture of the Ongsim is inevitably changed due to the difference in time when it is cooked in large quantities. Let's cook by dividing the amount that doesn't change the texture. Accordingly, the boss decided to make only three servings.

Prior to the full-scale business, the Seodanggae Association mobilized for a tasting. In addition, the expectations were raised by satisfying both the taste of Kim Seong-ju, who is the first taste, and Jeong In-seon, who has a difficult taste. Accordingly, the boss started the business with confidence.

The customers who have been waiting since before the start of the business showed great satisfaction. In particular, not only the middle-aged but also the younger generations reassured the boss by giving satisfactory tasting reviews.

The boss who completed the solution and made the first business said, "It was really good that the guests said it was delicious." In addition, he said, "If I do business well, I will buy delicious food and give me money. If I can afford it, I will go on a trip together."

After all the solutions are finished, Seong-ju Kim "The solution of taste must continue in the future"He asked the customers to support the boss with a warm heart.

And Seong-ju Kim, "I'm going to give you one unfortunate news. Mr. In-seon Jung, who has been with the alley restaurant for two years, has come to say goodbye to the end of the day." It's been over," he said. In addition, Baek Jong-won shared his gratitude to Jeong In-sun, saying, "When the bosses were unfamiliar and the broadcast was difficult, I approached him and opened the window of communication."

In response, Jeong In-seon said, "In fact, it is very regrettable to say goodbye because I learned so much. I will work harder in the future and become a more helpful person. I was really grateful for the time,” she cried.

Meanwhile, at the end of the broadcast, actor Geum Sae-rok, who joined as the 4th MC, raised expectations by predicting his performance in the new alley, Bucheon Car Center Alley. 

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jeong)