Forty-five years after the creation of the Front for the National Liberation of Corsica (FLNC), a new armed group, dubbed “FLNC Magjhu 21” (May 2021), announced its creation on Wednesday.

Presenting itself as bringing together "militants from all the components of the FLNC" currently dormant, this new armed group announced that it had decided on a "tactical redeployment, while awaiting force by the French State for a real political process of settlement. of the Corsican national question ”, during a clandestine press conference broadcast in part by France 3 Corse.

Eight hooded people dressed in black were present, armed with machine guns and handguns.

During this conference, held in an unspecified place, a three-page press release was given to France 3 Corse which made it public on its website.

"Vote for the lists of candidates claiming to be nationalism"

The activists denounce the fact that since the laying down of arms announced by the FLNC in June 2014, "the French State has by no means envisaged a real transfer of sovereignty for Corsica", for lack of the accession to power of the nationalists in 2015.

This new FLNC also attacks the union of nationalist parties, Pè a Corsica, bringing together Femu a Corsica, the Corsica Nation Party (PNC) and Corsica Libera, which it accuses of having been unable "to create a political balance of power vis-à-vis the State ”and“ to put more energy into the permanent campaign and the electoralism ”.

The group nevertheless calls on voters to "vote in conscience for the lists of candidates claiming to be nationalist" to the territorial.

"Corsica is like a drifting boat"

“Corsica is in danger today.

It is akin to a drifting boat, delivered to the financial appetites of a few (…) who appropriate strategic sectors with the approval of the State and in the indifference of elected officials ”, accuses the group which also denounces a "mafia gangrene" and the generalization of the "sale and consumption of drugs", "bed of the mafia".

This announcement comes forty-five years, to the day, after the creation of the FLNC on May 5, 1976 and when the four nationalist parties of the island have not managed to come to an agreement and are standing separately in the territorial elections in June.

Contacted by AFP, the Ajaccio prosecutor, Carine Greff, indicated that an investigation was going to be opened and that the national anti-terrorism prosecution (Pnat) had been "notified".


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