In the middle of the experiment: Natalia wants to explore orgasm

Source: Netflix

Two women stand in front of the shelf with the vibrators in the sex shop.

There are lilac and pink, some are rather pudgy and small, while others are long and slim.

But they don't discover a single model that looks like a penis.

How could that be? One asks the other?

A young salesman explains it to them in a good mood: “Apparently penises are not the ideal shape to satisfy women.

Rather, they are used for reproduction.

If pleasure is felt, this is probably a side effect.

That's what they say. "


For Natalia, one of the main characters in the Polish Netflix series “Sexify”, this must be an insightful moment. Anyway, she looks very serious. Which is probably simply because she has never had sex and so far had no noticeable interest in it. For a long time, all of her energy flowed into her studies and her thesis: an app for shorter, optimized sleep called SEN (Polish for sleep). But then a new lecturer - a kind of laid-back intellectual in a hoodie and with a preference for grass - explains to her that nobody wants to sleep less, sleeping long is much better. Natalia therefore has to find a topic that is sexier.

The lecturer may be telling nonsense, sleep apps are ultimately very popular and there are also enough people who boast about how little sleep they get by.

But this scene remains the only “huh?” Moment in the series.

And at least it leads Natalia to finally turn her SEN into a SEX app.

Natalia got the idea through the sex life of her friends Monika and Paulina, which should make the female orgasm better and, above all, predictable.

What excites women?

How are they guaranteed to come?

Do you need toys, porn, crazy fantasies, is it better without or with a partner?


So begins a funny research trip in eight episodes, for which Natalia, Paulina and Monika are the perfect cast.

Monika, the super smart, is immune to even harmless flirtations.

Catholic Paulina does not come to the boring sex with her fiancé and then goes to confess that she even had any before the marriage.

And the rich Monika tries to screw away the memories of a toxic love affair with spontaneous sexual encounters.

Monika in the dormitory

Source: Krzysztof Wiktor / Netflix / Krzysztof Wiktor Netflix

The three have different levels of experience, backgrounds, and ambitions. Which on the one hand leads to strange scenes (the sex shop! The confession!), On the other hand makes it so charmingly clear: It is okay to want any kind of relationship and sex or nothing at all.


young woman with the average needs do not exist.

This clear statement for sexual freedom certainly has to do with the fact that “Sexify” comes from Poland, a country that is not doing well with women's rights.

At the beginning of the year a more stringent abortion law came into force there, which amounts to a total ban.

The PiS government is also currently considering withdrawing from the Istanbul Convention against Violence against Women.

With that in mind, the sex-positive attitude of the series makers Kalina Alabrudzińska and Piotr Domalewski may be even more delighted, because in this context it seems like an act of protest.


The question remains about the climax of women: can you now squeeze it into a formula?

The answer is not a huge surprise, it hardly spoils anything, because “Sexify” is much more about the way there: As practical as that might be, but women don't get by formula.

Because "the female orgasm is complex", Monika explains it wonderfully at one point.

So complex, she says, that pop culture either “ignores or adulterates” it.

The exact opposite is true for “Sexify”, which, by the way, currently ranks number 2 in the worldwide Netflix charts.