• "The Bad Batch" is a new animated series around the universe of "Star Wars".

  • We follow a gang of renegade clones trying to survive in a chaotic world.

  • The first episode lasts 70 minutes and is very promising.

May 4th be with you!

Or rather “May the 4th Be with You”, a play on words which in English evokes both the date and the cult replica of the

Star Wars



And that's good: 

The Bad Batch

, a new animated series, the first 70-minute episode of which is available on Disney + this Tuesday, May 4, allows the event to be celebrated with dignity!

The Force is still with Dave Filoni.

The one that fans have dubbed the Encyclopedia George Lucas did it again, giving a sequel to

Clone Wars

that he created with King George before taking a look at




and, more recently, 

The Mandalorian


20 Minutes

explains why

The Bad Batch

is worthy of the previous series, without any spoiler.

Find yourself in time (without drowning)

The Bad Batch

is also called Force Clone 99. They have this number on their uniforms.

They are different clones of their wise little comrades.

Of those that could be considered failures.

We saw them in the seventh season of the

Clone Wars



The action of

The Bad Batch

takes place just after that of this series and of

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

, the third installment of the saga.

It is a beautiful boxon in the Galaxy very, very distant of which Palpatine proclaimed himself emperor.

Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia would not come to rot their lives until years later.

Bad ones rather good

They are dented like everything, the heroes of the series.

And that's what makes them interesting.

With their odds and ends, their desires to survive in a hostile world and their questions about the party to follow, they immediately impose strong personalities and very successful looks.

The bossy Crosshair with his tattooed face and his little yellow glasses are our favorites among the already known members of the squad.

But the plot also offers very promising newcomers, whose identity it would be a shame to reveal.

When the elders come alive

Connoisseurs of the saga will seize the "Easter eggs" and other references to previous works of the saga.

In particular the return of the poisonous Grand Moff Tarkin who was once played by Peter Cushing in

A New Hope

(1977), the film without which neither the series nor this article would have existed since he is in fact the very first to have seen the day.

We found the actor, who died in 1994, in

Rogue One

(2016) thanks to the magic of computer graphics.

It is in animation that he returns this time, always so impressive with his face cut in the billhook.

Our articles on Star Wars are here

We want to see the rest

Dave Filoni and his team no longer have to prove that they know a lot about playoffs and that they know how to build suspense.

This graphically superb first episode is designed to make you want to know what happens next.

We will have to wait until Friday, May 7 and the following to find out what happens to these endearing clones who could well be joined by other stars of the saga.

To be patient, Disney + also offers to discover a short film by The Simpsons centered on the saga as well as (virtual) tours of the planets discovered in Star Wars.


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