Big pendulum, cliff swing, merry-go-round... many tourists check in in the amusement park.

Recently, in Chongqing Fuling Red Wine Town, amusement facilities experience staff formally took up their posts. They need to experience various amusement facilities every day, with a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan.

  The person in charge of the scenic spot told reporters that the main work of the entertainment facility experience staff is to experience the various amusement facilities every morning, write down experience reports, and update the warm reminders for tourists on daily rides.

Especially for high-altitude projects, the experience is different due to changes in temperature. It is necessary to remind visitors to add clothing or take sun protection measures so that visitors can achieve the best experience.

  The relevant person in charge said that people who are engaged in the job must not be afraid, nor must they have fear of heights or heart disease. They need the perseverance to bear hardships and stand hard work.

Because of the particularity of the position, the body and the mind are challenged, so not many applicants come and the turnover rate is quite high. Therefore, the current method of internal recruitment is adopted to select the staff who are suitable for the position.

(Reporter Jia Nan)

Editor in charge: [Wu Qingcai]