France began the first stage of its gradual deconfinement on Monday.

But while more and more specialists agree that there is no risk of contamination outdoors, the question of the end of wearing a mask regularly comes up on the table.

The Minister of Health hoped Tuesday on Europe that "it is for this summer".


France entered the first phase of its gradual deconfinement Monday with the return to class of middle and high school students, the end of travel restrictions at 10km as well as certificates.

While the constraints linked to the Covid-19 epidemic began to loosen in the country, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, was the guest of Sonia Mabrouk in Europe Matin on Tuesday.

Asked about the next steps in deconfinement, which must be held on May 19 and June 9, he said he hoped that wearing a mask would no longer be necessary this summer.

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"The control of the epidemic is accelerating discreetly but we must not relax too quickly. In this sense, the deconfinement schedule is a very good schedule," said Olivier Véran. Concerning the epidemic risk precisely, more and more specialists agree that there is no risk outside. And for the Minister of Health, this next step will mainly depend on the progress of vaccination.

"We know that vaccination protects against serious forms and we think that it protects well from the spread of the virus and therefore from the risk of epidemic. When enough French people will be vaccinated, we can consider lowering our guard, has t He explained. When the date that will allow us to calmly consider the end of the barrier gestures and the end of the mask outside arrives, we will not wait 24 hours. We will say it immediately. And I sincerely hope that it will be this summer ", assured Olivier Véran.


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