Every year on the second Sunday in May, Mother's Day is celebrated, this year it falls on May 9th.

But who actually decided that you can only give something to your mother on this special day?

After a year of pandemic with home office, homeschooling, childcare and a lot of tension for all mothers, you could now give more than just a strong woman.

Whether for the biological mother, stepmother, grandmother, mother-in-law, new mother, long-distance mothers, maternal partners or any other everyday heroine in life: These 20 gift ideas are guaranteed to bring joy to everyone - and the best: Everything can be ordered online.

Everlasting floral decoration

Like a bouquet of flowers in letterbox format that won't fade.

Instead of a vase, the noble dried flowers are decorated in a wooden box.

Favorite for Mother's Day: the simple design "Lucky Love", which consists of the rose "Memory Lane", a magnificent dahlia, a peach-pink delphinium and a matthiola.

Source: Bloomon

Dried flower set from Bloomon, around 25 euros (order here)


For women who stick together

This colorful mug by the American artist Audrey Lee is all about "woman power".

The motif shows the profiles of a diverse group of women standing side by side.

Ideal if you need some mental support with morning coffee.

Source: anthropology

"Year of Women" mug by Audrey Lee, around 14 euros (order here)

For better times


Which mother doesn’t miss those glamorous evenings for which you hired a babysitter and went out chic?

Putting on some decadent makeup is a small consolation, but at least one that makes you confident these evenings will come back.

Source: Douglas

Eyeshadow palette "Mothership" by Pat McGrath, around 125 euros (order here) *

Sustainable hair accessory made of silk


These hairbands and scrunchies - the name for large fabric hair ties - owe their special patterns to the recycling of old designer silk scarves.

Each James Castle model is handcrafted in Berlin and is therefore truly unique.

Source: James Castle

Headbands and scrunchies by James Castle, from 125 euros (order here)

Herbs to grow yourself

Finally having fresh herbs in the house all year round: This smart planter uses an advanced irrigation system with LED lighting to create an optimal environment for the plants to grow naturally but quickly in the kitchen.

Source: Amazon

"Indoor Garden" from Idoo, around 80 euros (order here) *

2-in-1 candy

Cupcake or praline?


If you want to give away the classic Mother's Day present, you should at least come up with something special.

This set of twelve not only offers a variety of flavors from hazelnut to strawberry, but is also a visual change from the usual box of chocolates from the supermarket thanks to the six different toppings.

Source: Amazon

"Cupcake pralines" from Chocolissimo, around 18 euros (order here) *

Spicy scented candles from Gucci


The wax of these quite expensive scented candles is enriched with essential oils and aromatic extracts that smell of tomato leaves, basil and lemongrass.

The candles spray their extravagant scent for up to 60 hours.

Then the porcelain box - made by the Richard Ginori manufactory - serves as a timeless decorative object that can be used as desired.

Source: Gucci

Scented candles from Gucci, around 500 euros (order here) *

Instead of a bouquet of flowers

These four hippie plant pots are the ideal base for all those who prefer to give away indestructible succulents or prickly cacti instead of bouquets - and for all who want to send unmistakable messages with the plants.

With a charming flower pot, even the most sober “mother-in-law chair” becomes a loving gift.

Source: Amazon

Ceramic flower pots by Roylvan, around 22 euros (buy here) *

For the best friend

One million more pets have been registered in Germany since the beginning of the pandemic.

Regardless of whether the mother is one of the newbies among dog lovers or whether she is a long-established pet friend: she is guaranteed to be delighted with one of these decadent jackets for her four-legged friend.

If you want to be more economical, you will find much cheaper models here. *

Source: Moncler

"X Poldo Vest" from Moncler, around 320 euros (order here) *

For proud mothers


Whether as a curved lettering or a plaque with the inscription "Mama", the necklaces of the Linjer label are not only the ideal gift for new mothers, but also for those whose children have already left the house - as a small reminder that one is always on she thinks, even if one lives far away.

The pieces of jewelry are particularly robust thanks to the recycled silver and high-quality gold plating.

Source: Linjer

"Mama" chain by Linjer, 14k gold-plated, around 73 euros (buy here)

For the anticipation of the next trip

Each Lingua Franca NYC travel set includes a cozy blanket, warm socks, a comfortable eye mask and a travel bag with zipper - made from cashmere and hand-embroidered in New York.

In addition, for each set sold, ten percent of the price is donated to Every Mother Counts, an organization that works to make pregnancy and childbirth a safe endeavor for every mother.

Source: Lingua Franca NYC

"Every Mother Counts" travel set from Lingua Franca NYC, around 350 euros (buy here)

Vegan chocolate

Mothers who like it sweet, salty and vegan at the same time will like the chocolate bars from Holy Shocolate.

And since the company is based in Munich, it was only a matter of time before the pretzels end up in chocolate alongside the peanuts.

Source: Holy Shocolate


"Peanut Prezel" by Holy Chocolate, for six euros (buy here)

Against insomnia and deadline stress

Every stressed mother would want a week off at the Lanserhof Detox Retreat.

For those who do not see any time out between homeschooling and home office, the team of experts at the wellness hotel has developed special micronutrient capsules which, in their combination, should reduce exhaustion, stress symptoms and malaise and also enable a restful night.

Almost like a real wellness holiday, but maybe it can be made up for soon.

Source: Niche Beauty

"Never Mind" dietary supplement from Lanserhof, around 95 euros (buy here) *

Massage voucher for the home

This Shiatsu massage device is recommended for anyone who has spent the year with a tense neck and back pain in the home office on the uncomfortable office chair.

Even if it is not as relaxing as a real visit to the massage studio, the device works like a fascia roller and can massage against pain in 20 minutes using various hardness and heat functions.

Source: Amazon

Neck massager from Naipo, around 60 euros (buy here) *

Soothing for body and skin

If you want more, you can also give away a massage voucher or a facial in anticipation of a carefree visit to the wellness studio.

In any case, spring is traditionally the time when people like to pay a visit to the cosmetics or massage studio in order to free the skin from the stresses of winter.

A professional recommendation is the Caudalie Spa, to be found in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Berlin.

The French cosmetics brand not only offers short treatments for a fresh look in 25 minutes or anti-wrinkle treatments, but also combats orange peel and tension with its new “Vinosculpt Massage”.

Source: Caudalie

Voucher for a treatment in the Caudalie Spa, from 59 euros (buy here)

time together

Or it is better to prevent back pain with a little exercise - ideally in pairs, because training together strengthens the relationship.

In addition, according to a recent study, more than half (57 percent) of children would like more time with their mothers.

This is based on reciprocity: 71 percent of mothers state that their favorite Mother's Day wish is to spend more time with their children.

Even if yoga and fitness studios are still closed, memberships for online courses can still be given away.

The Urban Sports Club, for example, offers its members the opportunity to meet up for digital courses - and when the studios reopen, to train on site or outdoors.

Source: Urban Sports Club

Vouchers are available from 59 euros, (available here)

Well equipped

There should be no lack of suitable equipment for joint fitness or yoga adventures.

A somewhat longer sports bra such as the “Wunder Train Longline” model from Lululemon is recommended so that mom does not pinch during team workouts and everything stays in place when the dog is looking down.

Unlike the usual models, this extends almost to the belly button and, with its double weave made of soft but high-performance yarns, also gives larger cups a hold without being squeezed.

It's best to choose a trendy color - the winter was long and gray enough, after all - and then hit the mat and create new memories together.

Source: lululemon

Sports bra by Lululemon, from 39 euros (order here)

Colorful starry sky

Timeless and yet far removed from the mainstream: The Spanish jewelry label PDPAOLA designs filigree necklaces, rings and earrings that should please every woman of all ages.

In addition, part of the proceeds will be donated to a good cause - for example to the Eden Reforestation Project, which plants a tree for every piece of jewelry sold.

Source: Pdpaola

Earrings from the "Five Collection", from 49 euros (buy here)

Personalized spring herald

Instead of flowers: This leather bag is not only available in pastel shades for the first time, you can also have each of the bucket bags personalized with an initial and a spring flower - true to the motto “Say it with flowers”.

Then you just have to choose between the colors caramel, litchi, black, sorbet yellow, tea green and white.

Source: Coccinelle

"Garconne Mini Bag" by Coccinelle, around 248 euros (buy here)

Make a statement

Those who want to forego the kitschy “Mama is the best” trophies could instead wear the lovingly funny slogan shirt.

The Hamburg label Hey Soho has two particularly successful ones in its range.

How about a “What Would Mom Say?” Sweater (a question that you can ask yourself from time to time).

Or a T-shirt that explains the "Mum Nutrition Facts" - with a printed nutrition table that provides information about the most important characteristics and instincts of a loving mother - and how much of it you should consume every day.

Source: Set / Hey Soho

Set's t-shirt for 50 euros (available here), Hey Soho sweater for 80 euros (order here)

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